Birthday at Fun Spot.

Sunday, August 25, 2013 7:39 PM

Rollergator - For what it's worth, I've noticed Gwazi is scheduled to go down for refurbishment between Sept 3 - 15. I don't know if that's enough time to improve your ride experience on it, but hopefully it will help.

If it reopens on schedule, it will be just in time for the "Freaky Preview" opening weekend of Halloscream on Sept 20-21, which as you probably know is free for Platinum Passholders (I also have one). I look forward to this weekend every year as its a rare chance to get night rides on EVERY coaster in the park, and I'll be there that weekend doing some night marathoning on Gwazi with my Platinum Pass! :)

(Holiday World is also on my fall itinerary for some cool night rides on Voyage during their second annual "Happy Halloween Weekends" ! )

rollergator said:

Frontrider - indeed, I more than liked Gwazi - I loved it.

Of course, aggressive wooden coasters require "routine maintenance" of track and trains, and an occasional more-intensive rehab. My feeling is that by the time Gwazi got its extensive rehab, sub-par routine maintenance (and sun, and 365-day ops) had taken far too heavy a toll. For me, the MFlyer trains came after the point that the re-track/re-train could have done the job.

I don't like saying it, and I wish it weren't true. Half of my visits to BGT these days don't even include a single lap on a coaster I used to love. The Platinum Pass back-seat rerides of old are no even when I do ride, I'm grateful to leave after one lap. Sad...

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Sunday, August 25, 2013 9:12 PM

I've never had a good lap on Gwazi, which is weird. Rough wood coasters are awesome, but Gwazi to me was lackluster, and it's nowhere near the category of the Beasts and Voyages of the world. I think I gave it a 2/5 star rating.

Sunday, August 25, 2013 9:21 PM
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Shouldn't you be in bed? It's a school night.

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