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I was wondering if any of you have ever seen this picture. I was also wondering what ride this is. It lookis like the magnum to me but the background dosnt look right.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

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The picture is indeed Magnum XL-200 as the white train and everything in the background does suggest it. The thing that might have threw you off is the rust on the supports in the background that does kinda give it that wooden coaster look to it. About the Bird in the picture, it looks really fake due to the fact that there's no feathers floating around the bird that would tell you if it got hit. Also the Bird Shadow does not look complete as you can see the shadow of the head and the left wing but not the right wing.

Chris Knight

Don't forget that the picture is on a website called That alone tells me that one should be dubious of the authenticity of such an image.

If they were going to superimpose some images, they should have at least made it look like Fabio can't have any luck with coasters and birds=).

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I thought it was fake but it would be cool to see that in a real on ride photo.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

The fact that the riders aren't reacting to a bird coming that close to them speaks volumes.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

You'd think they would take their hands off the bars.

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I wouldn't think so, especially at the speed it must've come at them from nowhere. They probably didn't even see it coming.
Look! It's the greatest ride in the world! :)

Trains and people smacking into birds isn't that uncommon, but catching it in a photo is pretty rare.

I think one almost as funny was a guy who came up to the platform with his picture and showed us his photo. He had his credit card in a shirt pocket and in the photo, the card was floating in mid-air above his pocket. At least he knew right where he lost it! :)


MForce2k said:
I wouldn't think so, especially at the speed it must've come at them from nowhere. They probably didn't even see it coming.

They're not reacting AT ALL. Maybe they wouldn't have had time to get their hands up, but they're not even flinching. Sorry, I don't buy it.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

My only problem is whether it's Magnum or not. Yes, the picture suggests it, but do the details prove it. Not saying that it isn't just, some things stick out to me.

1) The backs of the seats, Magnum doesn't have that extra bar for like a neck rest or something. Unless this is a older picture and Magnum's trains were altered and took this rest out, then something is up.

2)From where this picture was taken, the pretzel turn in magnum looks too close than it should be. This picture looks like it was taken on the bunny hills, and where they are, there should be more space. Also more trees, or more water park, should be seen. Also from the angle of where the turn is, it's impossible for the train to be in that position to see the turn from there.

3) That "rusted" support doesn't exist on magnum. The only cross-diagonal supports aren't steel beams, but steel cables.

4) This might be an eye trick, but looking through the turn, you see what looks like water, and then bushes, or more land. Magnum is right on the beach, so, the only thing you see is water, no land. you could say the blue is the tunnel, but that end of the tunnel faces down going into the turn. [link didn't work, took it out]

What says yes to Magnum?

1) The Safety bar, the lap bar, and the train look (white).

2) The Light in the background looks like the lights in the water park, basic block on a pole.

3) red track. Semi-grayish white supports.

I'm not going to deny nor claim it is or isn't Magnum, but there are things that prove it otherwise. I've been trying to find a coaster that fits, but no such luck getting a clear picture that fits well with the Collegehumor picture.

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Not reacting? Even the guy wincing and leaning away from it?
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So, I have to ask... the board on the left side of the photo... What's that attached to?
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That is not a real picture. Especially 2005. Doesnt anyone out here have an on-ride Magnum photo they purchased? I have personally never purchased one, but unless my memory is just WAY off, it looks nothing like this at all.

I dont buy it.

I just pulled out our Magnum on-ride photo and compared it and it's definitely Magnum. Whether or not the bird is real, I can't say.
I remember hearing about this picture from Kevin in '05.

Maybe we should be debating about what is the "greatest ride in the world".

Well, I guess it's confirmed that NOTHING can be posted here without people arguing about it.
I don't know how anyone can think this photo is real.

Unless physics have changed, this is impossible. The shadows on everything except the bird fall to the right side, but the shadow of the bird falls to the left side.

Maybe they are traveling close to the speed of light?

It's ridiculous to even argue it's authenticity.

You're right. It is ridiculous.

But then again, you argued it before you said that, so... ;)

Let's just move on to the Phantom > Magnum portion of the conversation.

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