Bird in the face on shierka

I found this video.

Anyone think its real. I think its a total asshole move to do this and try and hurt someone.


I think it's got to be fake, because:

a) The chances of the kid knowing it's the same bird are slim,

b) The chances of getting a french fry to go exactly where you want are slimmer,

c) The chances of timing it exactly are right are slimmer yet,

d) The chances of getting a close-up video of the girl on the second drop from head-on (which can only be done on the "left" side of the lagoon), then getting video of the SAME girl from the "right" side of the lagoon are even slimmer yet (unless they had two people filming, which is unlikely but possible),

and e) The video looks to be of relatively high quality, to be able to slow it down with such a good framerate.

Was probably a photo shoot or something gone wrong slightly wrong, and the kid mocked up the tape. Just my opinion.

Almost ten years later, people are still inspired by Fabio taking a bird to the face on Apollo's Chariot.
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RCPete, it looks like all those videos are from SheiKra's on-ride high-speed cameras.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
Ah, sorry, forgot about those. OK, but still... ;-)

If it is real, BG should track that guy down and press charges... or build a giant wall so that can't happen again.

well my is your lucky day because i am the one who posted that video....

1) the video is absolutely real and true

2)i was able to get such a good video with multiple angles because they have an on-ride video that you can buy after your ride...i wasnt on the that ride, obviously, but i convinced them to let me buy a copy

3) i dont actually know if that was the same bird...i only put that in their to show that i had indeed been messing around with the seagulls before i tossed the fry in front of the coaster

^ And you proved what by doing this?
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He proved he's a moron.

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