Bigger Rider seeking advice

I am a bigger rider that is heading to orlando florida this next week and am wondering about the coasters down there.

I am 330 and 6' 3' wear size 54 pants i do believe. Which coasters in universal have the " Big-Boy" seats?

Do you think i will have any problems with manta and sea world florida?

If you need any more information about my build please message this thread. Most of the weight is belly and legs so i know it is going to be problamatic.

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I think for Incredible Hulk its rows 5 or 6 or both. Manta/Kraken, not so sure.

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I would probably stop by Guest Relations and ask them where the seats are on each coaster :) Might be a great start!

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One of my best friends is practically those exact dimensions and he was able to ride all of the major attractions at the Universal parks before Mummy was built. He had to use the Big Boy seats. And he has ridden pretty much all of the Disney rides as well, but I'm not sure if he's been to Sea World since it became a thrill park.

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I don't know if they have test seats or not but Id definately check first before making long waits. Both parks have many things you can do like Possidons fury, Doorights ect .
Hope you can :)

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