Big Thumbs Down To Marineland, Canada

Monday, August 2, 2004 2:19 PM
Yesterday August 1st I visited Marineland in Canada for the first time. It was basicly a spur of the moment trip from Niagra Falls (U.S. side) to get Dragon Mountain as a credit.

We parked our car and walked to the admission booths and paid our $25 and entered the park. We walked the 1/2 mile or whatever it is back to Dragon Mountain only to find out it was closed as we arrived at the enterance.

As soon as we found it it was closed we figured since we were only in the park for about 45 minutes if we explained this to guest relations they would give us a refund. They simply told us they can't refund our money and it was listed that Dragon Mountain was listed closed outside of the park. They simply told us they don't have the power to issue refunds. They did offer to have us come back a day or two later when it was up and running but we our timeline would not allow it.

After we talked to the public relation guy we went and looked at the ticket booths and saw no mention of Dragon Mountain being closed. We even asked an employee outside at the ticket booths where it was listed and he said it was listed on the park map you get AFTER you buy your admission.

To me that is basicly the same as walking into a public restroom flushing the toilet and having the water come up and spray you in the face. While your leaving the restroom on the back of the door a sign tells you you may get sprayed with toilet water in the face.

I would not have been upset if we entered the park and missed a sign about Dragon Mountain being closed that would have been out mistake but with no sign or information until you pay for your ticket thats just wrong. Especially with a park that only has 1 signature coaster, an S&S tower, a handful of other rides and shows.

Am I blowing this up more than I should be or do I have the right to be upset?

Monday, August 2, 2004 2:25 PM
I think you have reason to be upset. Rides close, that's a given. If you'd missed a sign saying it wasn't running, that sucks, but it happens. But for the park to not even let you know their main attraction is down until AFTER they've gotten your cash, isn't a cool policy at all.
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Monday, August 2, 2004 2:26 PM
Your blowing it up more than you should...
Although you weren't in town for any longer to come back... they DID offer for you to come back a different day when it was open, so that was pretty nice of them to do that...

...but since they don't have that many rides & are not a true amusement park, they don't have a listing of rides not in operation on the outside of the park entrance like most amusement parks. I guess one thing you COULD have done was to inquire before purchasing the tickets if Dragon Mountain was open or not. There'd normaly be no reason it would be closed, especially on a sunny Sunday... but most parks dont offer refunds if a specific ride isn't open after you purchase your tickets, even if there's no sign saying a 20+yr old coaster is not in operation for the day.

If not, well, you could at least marathon Sky Screamer. Although having 50% of their big-thrill rides down isn't really a good thing.

Monday, August 2, 2004 2:27 PM
I felt bad for you guys, but at least you were able to ride the Silver Comet! Did you manage to make it back to Knoebels or did the rain ruin things for you?
Monday, August 2, 2004 2:37 PM
They did inform us it was struck by lightning a few days ago and they were trying to get it up and running. the guest relations were good at informing us about the problem and they were working on it all night. It was know it would be down for several days (over a weekend too) how tough would it be to write up a few signs stating it would be closed.

I guess I'm just pissed since I wanted to ride it for 10 years or so now.

Monday, August 2, 2004 2:38 PM
We made it back to Knoebels for the last 45 minutes of bumper car mayhem! :) We ran into some rain but it was done by the time we reached Knoebels. :)
Monday, August 2, 2004 2:58 PM
I don't blame you for being pissed off. There should have been something at the gates indicating that the ride would not be running. I guess you'll have to do like I am going to do and head back up there to see what we missed during our abbreviated weekend trip. I'm wondering if a trip to Canada's Wonderland would be possible over a two-day weekend trip up there.

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