Big theme parks offering unusual deals for locals

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Disney, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are ramping up promotional activity during the typically potent summer travel season.

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Interesting. I know there has been a ton of chatter about how e.g. Star Wars has not done what "it was supposed to do" at DLR and WDW. But, I think fans often forget that macroscopic trends have a much bigger influence over attendance than you'd think. If every operator in Orlando is trying to attract locals, it's probably not any single operator's issue. For example, I doubt many people changed plans to travel to Universal this summer because they heard at the last minute that Hagrid's isn't running well. They almost certainly don't even know that. This might also have more to do with international demand than domestic.

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That, and I don't think people perceive stuff the right way. As Disney indicated, they added a lot of new capacity at Disneyland with that new land. They've also said for years that if fewer people come but pay more, that's an OK thing. We don't see the total revenue side.

I have noticed that here in Orlando people are thinking twice at least about their pass spending and how often they visit, regardless of whether or not it has all changed the behavior. We'll still renew, of course, but the food price increases definitely don't feel great at this point. Six years ago, a soda was $2.39, now it's $3.99. Kids meals are now ten bucks.

Of course, I'll still drop ten bucks for a fruity drink, so there's no logic to it for me.

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