Big Chief's - 8/18/03 - Great Time!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003 7:37 AM
My 10 year old nephew is becoming a coaster lover, so with me having a day off, and him being in his last weeks of summer vacation, we decided to make the trek to BCK&K in the Dells.

I picked him up at 7:45 and hit the road - making it there just after 10am. We purchased our 10a-2p wristbands and off we went to ride Cyclops. I had decided to let him set the tone/pace for the day - especially when it came to seat selection. We sat somewhere in the middle of the train and went off for two marvelous laps. This is a great coaster, I am not one for "ranking", but it is one of my favorites.

We then did a few go-kart laps and then headed up to Zeus. He looked a little worried as we made the hike up the hill (and a huge set of stairs) to the station. He was a little more adventurous and he decided on the third row. He started off gripping the bars in a death grip, but somewhere around the turnaround, he actaully started to raise his hands and appeared to really enjoy the ride.

We did a few more go-kart tracks, before hitting Pegasus. Pegasus, was in a word -boring-. Even my nephew thought it was boring so it is not just a jaded coaster buff who felt this way.

For the remainder of our four hour passes, we kept following the same general pattern - a few different tracks, followed by a coaster. We ended up hitting Zeus five times, Cyclops four times and Pegasus only that one lap.

For all the complaints in the past couple of months regarding customer service, ride operations and general park issues, I found NOTHING wrong with the park. The people selling the passes were curteous and quick, the people in the food stands were polite and the ride ops on the coasters checked seatbelts and lapbars every time. The go-kart operators kicked quite a few people out for excessive bumping/hijinks. The gave one warning to each (a permanent marker line on the wristband) before taking the wristband away.

That being said, the only issue I had, was some of the smart-a## teenagers who, towards the end of the four hour passes, began to treat the go-karts as bumper cars and started running into anything and evertything in their path. The ride ops took their wristbands, but with only 10 minutes left of their pass, these kids were unfazed and -in fact- were giving each other high-fives as they left the kart area.

All in all, we had a great day, had a blast on the coasters and enjoyed racing each other in the go-karts (until 1:45 - that is)... ;)------------------
--George H
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