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Saturday, August 25, 2001 2:39 PM
Yesterday I went to Big Chiefs Karts and Coasters and I also went to Riverview Park. Both are located in Wisconsin Dells.

First I will start with Big Chiefs. I will rate the coasters from 1-5  1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest score.

Zeus-5    Zeus is a CCI out and back coaster through the woods. Very fun, fast and had tons and tons of airtime. But and the double dip part it hurt a lot because there was to much airtime in such a little time that I hit my restraint very hard and fast. Otherwise it was a great coaster.

Cyclops-3   Another CCI. This one weaves in and out of Zeus a little. Not that much airtime because I was in the middle row. I would go in the back row but you can't unless you are 18 because of to much airtime and G-forces. All in all a good ride.

Peguses-2  Once again another CCI. A fun family rollercoaster with not much airtime.


Riverviw Park

Galaxi-4   This one was built by S.D.C. Very fun and tons of airtime and good helixes.

All in all I had a blast at wisconsin dells. Ohh and I also went on the skyscraper at Timberfalls. Boy that was awesome!!

**I rode in the back row on all of the coasters except Cyclops.

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Saturday, August 25, 2001 5:13 PM
You missed your chance. You should have ridden Cyclops in the back row. I'm not 18, I have done it, they don't care. It is a much better ride in the very back than the middle or front. The middle of most coasters is mediocre compared to the extreme ends of the train, usually, and Cyclops is definataly no exception!

And about the SkyScrapper, no fair! I wanted to ride it while I was there... We went up to it while I was there.... And I chickened out, that was the only time I've done that on any ride (well, except carnival rides, I'm afraid of the Lady Bugs at carnivals! You never know when they will fly off the track and demolish everything in it's path!) for over 9 years, which was when I was afraid to go on Batman: The Ride @ SFGAm. Next time I goto the Dells though, I will ride the SkyScrapper, even if it (almost) kills me.

Hey, SFGAm management, can I buy a couple cages of Sky Whirl?

Sunday, August 26, 2001 5:55 PM
Yeah, you can ride in the back seat of Cyclops. It has just a little more airtime on the dive under the station than the back of Zeus on its double dip. The sign is just there to be scary. Sometimes the ride op will try to scare you as well.




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