Big cap ex spending yields big results for Universal Orlando

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NBCUniversal’s parent company, Comcast Corp., knows it has something precious in Universal Orlando Resort and the rest of the company’s theme park business. According to its third-quarter results, Comcast saw a 7.9 percent jump in theme park revenue, which can be attributed to openings of new attractions like Transformers, The Simpsons’ Springfield and more.

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If they keep building, I will keep going. Just take all of my money.

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The weird thing is that I went more when they were spending less. You could visit in the off-season and practically own the place. They didn't have new things, but most of the attractions were pretty solid quality, and staying on-property was consistently a blast.

Now that I'm local, I'm waiting until next year to dive in again.

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We go down to the parks usually twice a year (peak and non-peak times) and we never have issues with crowds/waits... Given the great single-rider lines, it is rare to have to wait for anything. We have been going since about 2004 and I personally don't notice much difference in crowd levels. The only time is the grid-lock the year HP opened...

Granted, if you have a family and all that it is not as easy. But for the most part, those parks are very good for enjoying even when busy.

Once you go Express, youll never go back. Last time I went during the height of spring break, right after HP opened. I complained when I waited more then 15 min. When Ive been during less crowded times Ive been able to power ride (30-40 rides a day) at both parks (despite them only being open for 10 hours.)

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