Big Bad Wolf to close Sept. 7th

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Its official now... The below is from the park this morning.

Danny Biggerstaff CoAsTeRDaN

Danny Biggerstaff CoAsTeRDaN


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I tried to copy and paste the article, but it wouldn't take it. I am just typing it now.

Williamsburg, VA (July 24th, 2009) - After 25 years traveling at the speed of fright, The Big Bad Wolf will take its last trip through Busch Gardens' Bavaria Village Sept. 7th.

"We hate to see The Big Bad Wofl go," said John Reilly, Busch Gardens' General manager. "We realize The Big Bad Wolf is a guest favorite. We're making the announcement now so coaster fans can get one last time before it closes after Labor Day."

The world's first suspended roller coaster took coaster design to a new level when it opened in 1984. And while it cannot claim to be the fastest or the tallest, more than 29 million guests have ridden what has become one of the park's most beloved thrill attractions. Legions of fans - young and old alike - often cite it as their introduction to the coaster experience.

"The Big Bad Wolf offers a thrilling ride experience coupled with aggressive ride dynamics. While it remains a safe attraction, it has simply reached the end of its service life, "said Larry Giles, Busch Gardens' vice president of engineering and design.

Park officials are reviewing several design comcepts for a new park attraction to replace The Big Bad Wolf, but no announcement is planned at this time.

Danny Biggerstaff CoAsTeRDaN
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Then don't copy and paste the article, link it.

News items have to be approved. I need to see a link first. I can't just approve and arbitrary cut-and-paste as real.

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