BGW Petitions for a 150 ft. Tall Ride.

I thought the building was the best part of the ride. The indoor course seemed long and some of the drops and turns were surprising. I rode it many times and it never got old. The "scenery" was ok, I didn't mind that it was representational. I thought that kind of added to the mystery/fantasy aspect of it. The fact that there are several scenes or themes was interesting too. And I love the vertical drop in there.

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Zach, out of curiosity, what am I missing as i whizz by?

All I remember are some black-light-glowing trees (that looked like they were cut out of cardboard) and some red eyes which were nice...the sound effects were great.

What you focus on when you whizz by are neon painted cloths that surround the track. These are really close to the track, so you focus most on those. The most detailed stuff is in the background which, unfortunately, is hard to see. The background is a forest with faces looking through the branches and even a wolf is painted somewhere back there, which is a nice nod to BBW.

Even during the tour it is rather hard to point out. At least they got the drop track portion right with the three different scenes, and the covered bridge, which everyone forgets, is beautiful.

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Oh I didn't forget that; the bridge is fantastic. I think everything around/outside the ride is masterfully done.

The sheep that eat the grass below are also a wonderful "prop". :)

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