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Ahh, Busch Gardens....the food....the theming.......that damn ravine. But hey, for coasters I'll put up with all the uphill walking I can take. Me, my dad, preteen sister, and toddler brother arrived a little after 10 AM and quickly went our separate ways. Me and my sister went into Italy, while my dad and brother went to Rhinefeld, home to the parks many kiddie attractions.

I think I'll use the -3 to +5 scale, with 0 being the lowest a ride can get and still be enjoyable.

Escape from Pompeii: (+2) (3 times)Expecting it to have a long wait throughout the day (it is a water ride after all) I made this our first stop. I probably should have gone strait to Apollo, however, as the ride had nearly no line throughout the day, while rides like Roman Rapids filled their queues. The ride was fun and had a nice drop, however, I could predict everything as I had seen the ride featured on a coaster show. Note to self: stop watching POVs. It ruins the excitement.

Apollo's Chariot: (+4.5) (9 times) Rode this next and jumped up to my #1 steel. Nice air....nice terrain....nice chariots....nice everything. I especially like that non-inverting corkscrew and last drop. Positioned nicely to throw some surprise into what would otherwise be a rather repeditive (though still fun) finish.

Big Bad Wolf: (+3.5) (3 times) Never been on a suspended before, and what a way to start. I love the foot...errr...train choppers throughout the first part of the ride. Though the break *sigh* slowed down the big drop, I like to rejoice in what a ride has, rather than complain about what it could be without trims. Even with the trim, it was a satisfying drop, and I could'nt imagine going much faster through the last turns in which the train seems to literally tear through it's tracks.

Alpengeist: (+3) (3 times) Fun inverted, though I suppose I like Batman more. I like my elements one after another. Alpengeist had in-between track to recover from previous elements. Some of it's positives included some nice foot choppers, lengthy drop, and a little contraption I had fun watching. On the back of the 5th row of one of the cars there are 2 G-meters consisting of a clear tube with a little cylinder inside hanging from a spring with little markings down the tube. The ride got into 4 g's going through the loop and cobra roll.

Wilde Maus: (+.5) (1 time) This was my first wild mouse and I found it to be an ok ride. The real problem were the breaks (I know I said I don't like to complain about them). It don't have a problem with them slowing the ride down, but I do have a problem with them implanting the lap bar in my abdomen. And the recorded voice telling you to prepare for the final 2 breaks speaks slightly too late for my gut's sake.

Das Festhaus: Ate at 1:00. Typical big park prices, but at least this food tasted good.

Corkscrew Hill: (1 time) If you're going to have a long wait for a ride, I can't think of a better spot. The queue goes through a dark AIR CONDITIONED tunnel and is much more pleasant than the 100 degree weather outside. At first I was disappointed, because I thought the 3D movie was going to start when you stood on the colored dots, while staring at a very long and short screen 2 feet above my head while I'm at the very front left looking strait up for a bad angle. Luckily there was another room with a motion simulator with quite a better view. I thought the film was quite entertaining and had a nice feeling to it.

Loch Ness Monster: (+2.5) From what I heard, this ride was a classic aged into a head banger. Someone must seriously have some sensitive ears, because this ride was very smooth with the exception of the mildly rough turn around after the first drop. The loops were fun and the first drop had some nice airtime.

After this, I repeated a lot of rides going around in circles. Lines didn't move quickly enough for me, however, so I wasn't keen to reriding, resulting in a number of laps around the park, until I realized how much I liked Apollo and rode it the rest of the night. I loved the single riders line, but it always seemed to open after I passed it or had to meet somewhere. Too bad there isn't one on Alpengeist or I would have gotten more rides.

"We are no longer the knights who say Ni! We are now the knights who say ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-pekang-zoop-boing-owly-zhiv." "Ni"

Good TR. Apollo is also one of my favorite steel coasters. Number 3 to be exact (right behind MF and Raptor).


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