BGW and Michigan's Adventure are recreated in RCT

Posted | Contributed by Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin

Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Michigan's Adventure have both been recreated and added to RCT Station.

LOL, since when is Michigan's Adventure "one of the best parks in the country?" :)

Millennium is spelled with two N's ;)
Awesome additions to a great rct site.
CHeck out my recreation of Six Flags Great America on RCT Station, too!
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Legendary said:
"LOL, since when is Michigan's Adventure 'one of the best parks in the country?'"

Since Shivering Timbers opened ;)! As for the layout of the park...

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I cant get it to work on my rct. "It says invalid data cant load". It does this for any park i download. What should i do to make it work. Please i need help. Thanks. *** This post was edited by goliathkid03 on 2/8/2001. ***
I know what you mean, and I'll take a stab and say that you are using Netscape.

Am I right?

Basically, Netscape doesn't know what kind of file it is, and takes a guess, and guesses wrong. It downloads it in some form RCT doesn't like (probably binary). This isn't a problem for zips, as Netscape understands those.

Try using IE.

Now that I actually check, it is a zip file. Hmm...

The above is true, however. I'll se eif I have any problems with it.
*** This post was edited by Wolf on 2/8/2001. ***
What does IE stand for. I still can't get it to work. I really want to try all of these parks out. Help Please. Did it work for you Wolf
Internet Explorer

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GoliathKid03 do you have the latest RCT Patch and trainer? Also, check to see if the game needs CF or LL 'cause if you don't have it, it won't work.

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