BGW and KD advice?

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When I worked in Solon in 2006, I used to run out to Geauga Lake quite a bit just to ride that thing. Rarely any waiting (the writing was on the wall), would do several front row laps before heading back to work. I hope to get back to Dominion someday. Lots of floaty moments in the front on that ride.

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It was one of my favorite rides from back then but it didn't seem the same when I rode it again at Kings Dominion. That was probably on me building it up in mind. I think it's one of the rides open for their Christmas event.

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Dominator is one of my favorites of all time. I was from out of state, but I worked at Geauga Lake in 2005 and loved riding it. When it moved to KD, which was only two hours from where I actually lived, I was ecstatic. I appreciated CF giving it a second lease on life in the first place, and even more so given how close it was.

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I too loved it at GL. I was so happy to have a custom B+M looper close to home, and arguably the best layout of them all. While no denying it was a great layout period, it was definitely helped by the location. Over the water, among some vegetation, and over part of the queue as well.

I was happy to ride it again at KD, and to get our son on it because he was too little when it was at GL. But it did seem to be missing some of it's charm.

I did like looking down at the water at GL. But I think it is really neat that when going through the loop you see the upside down Eiffel Tower at KD. I always wondered if that was intentional or just dumb luck.

My wife and I live in York PA and typically visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg at least once a season. We love the area, and its become a tradition as our first amusement park visit of the season(usually opens 3rd weekend of March.)

There are a lot of good restaurants in the area, but we finally tried Rocco's Smokehouse Grill over the Summer(been saying we should try it for years.) If you like BBQ they have the best beef brisket we've had. We like it so much we got more to go on our way out. We were just there again in October.

If you like Italian we recommend Paul's Deli & Neighborhood Restaurant(don't let the name stop you.) There are other good dining options on Richmond Road(Aberdeen Barn, The Jefferson, Food For Thought and many other chain restaurants everyone knows.

If Kings Dominion doesn't open there's plenty for your family to do in Williamsburg. Be ready to make a reservation for Busch Gardens. Get on their mailing list so you get email notifications for when reservations are opening up for when you'll be there. I noticed they fill up fast for pass holders, but seems easier when paying for admission. Enjoy!

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Dominator seemed weird to me without a zero-g roll. In fact it's the only one in the US without one.

That's what I like about it. After the loop it doesn't follow the usual pattern or "onto the next inversion". I love the fast low to the ground banked turn into the high turn over the station.

That’s what I was talking about- that low curve was over the entrance at Geauga, near the midway. It was one of those moments that was thrilling just to watch. I could stand under it and watch trains fly by all day.

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I'm sure sandwiching it between the SLC, Raging Wolf Bobs, and Grizzly Run all while building half of it over the wetlands helped contribute to the unique layout. Never though it would wind up in a Virginia parking lot after 8 seasons. But, as has been stated, I'm glad Cedar Fair held onto it for themselves and seems to be taking very good care of it.

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Williamsburg Colony is awesome. It's like you stepped into a time machine. It's like the greatest themed theme park in the world, except there are no rides. Definitely get the ticket that gives you a week of all the area attractions if it is available.

I was there in October 2018, and Hurricane Michael cut my visit short, which was very disappointing. I want to go back again as soon as I can, because it was so much fun. I was in awe.

Kings Dominion is pretty cool, but not nearly as much fun as Kings Island. One day is all you need. They had a dinosaurs Alive attraction when I was there, which was nice to get away from the loud rides for a while. Kind of boring though.

Sorry to resurrect a dead thread.

Our plans have changed a bit. Instead of road tripping it we are flying into DC, visiting a few things in the area, and then heading to Williamsburg. Since KD is closed until May 22nd we are going to hit up SFA as a consolation prize. We have a Six Flags membership with premium dining so it'll cost us nothing but our time. We also plan on visiting Mount Vernon and Monticello. If the Smithsonian Museums open up, we are planning on going to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

On to Williamsburg. If the bounce pass isn't available we are going to buy the historic triangle pass that includes Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. BGW currently has one day tickets on sale for $50. Can we realistically do BGW in a day? The park is open from 11am - 6pm on the days we are there. We aren't into shows as much as the rides. We are likely going to add the all-day dining pass and gorge. I hear BGW has great food.

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I liked this thread, so thanks for waking it up.

We have an early-June week-long getaway to the area planned and guess how many days we have booked for BGW?


You can absolutely do BGW in one day, especially if the focus is on rides and great park-food (it lives up to its reputation), and given that day is a weekday.

EDIT: I realized the obvious after typing that; I have no idea what their operating restrictions have been like or will be like that could alter one's day at the park. That said, lines/crowds during the week at both BGW and KD are traditionally very manageable.

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Keep in mind that BGW has only had select rides open since the start of the pandemic. They might have the whole park open by April, or they might not. The posted rides lineup runs through March 28 and consists of the following coasters: Griffon, Apollo's Chariot, Verbolten, Invadr, Grover's Alpine Express.

Call me crazy, but I'd rather have the 70s Arrow looper over the B&M Dive coaster. If I was going to pay for a day of admission right now, Loch Ness Monster would need to be on the list, but Griffon wouldn't.

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Agreed. I'd take Vortex or Viper over ANY B&M dive coaster.


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Uhh...I know elistist enthusiast is a thing or whatever, but Vortex was barely ridable. On my most recent trip to SFMM and first time in about 10 years, I skipped Viper entirely. I haven't ridden Griffin, but Sheikra is definitely a high 4/low 5 star ride for me. I rode LNM once 20 years ago, so I can't really comment on it, but I haven't met an old school Arrow looper that's worth the trouble of leaving the main midway.

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One exception- Dollywood’s 1999 custom creation Tennessee Tornado. My only complaint is it’s short. (Like Dolly)
The rest of them are either really showing their age or technology has left them in the dust, and aren’t worth much past the credit trip. Possibly the worst one right now is Anaconda, it’s a traditional skip. And I couldn’t understand the crying over KI’s Vortex. It was at one of my home parks and we went back a long way, but I wasn’t sorry to see it go. I made a trip down specifically for a last ride that summer and any tear in my eye wasn’t due to sentimentality.

I admittedly really enjoyed Vortex. Maybe it was nostalgia? Viper at Magic Mountain is pretty great too. But Anaconda at Kings Dominion sucks, and the old Steel Phantom is still one of the worst rides I've ever been on.

Despite its simplicity, the one I really still miss is Double Loop at Geauga Lake. Smooth, rerideable, but also a few pops of intensity. But if Cedar Point ever removed Corkscrew I wouldn't bat an eye.

If Cedar Point removed Corkscrew I'd be pretty sad. That's mostly plain old nostalgia. But I do think it's still a fun ride - and one with little to no lines, which is quite different from the first time I rode it.

I recall Double Loop fondly as well although I remember the helix coming out of the loops came with a pretty good jolt. Otherwise, like Loch Ness Monster it only had vertical loops, no corkscrews or boomerang/batwing/whatevers which is where Arrow really brings the pain. Which is a long way of saying I would imagine Nessie might be an exception to the rule. (I have never had the pleasure myself.)

It's also surely just about the most picturesque coaster out there, although one doesn't need to ride it to enjoy that.

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