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Monday, April 21, 2003 6:14 AM
Well My Day started out eating a quick breakfast at the holiday in Patriot(It Sucked. Then I got on rt 64 east untill we arrived at the exit ramp, This was at about 10:30am and we couldn't get up the exit ramp due to the traffic. we then waited 1hr and a half just to pay for parking and get a spot.Then came the 1 1/2hr wait to get a ticket and get through security. it was about 1 by the time i got into the park so I headed for lockness monster.

Rating scale 1-5

Loch Ness Monster-15min wait-3- Good ride, very smooth for an arrow(never banged my head on restraints). Sadly it wasn't running 3 trains so the trains weren't going through the loops at the same time. Also what was the purpose of the second lift hill, The train could have made the last loop with speed to spare.

Well I headed over to the other side of the park and decided to Hit Big Bad wolf since it was near by...

Big Bad wolf-20min wait-4- I loved this ride, It feels like your going to hit the buildings in the village but at the last minute the cars swing out to avoid a collision. The Finale was awesome that drop over the river felt as if it was going strait down. My only complaint about this ride is the fact that the finale was way too short, A helix would have been nice.

Now I decided to head over to alpengeist since the line for Big Bad wolf was #x as long as when I got in it so as I headed over to germany i noticed a couple of people leaving and thought nothing of it. So I continued to walk to alpengeist arriving at the entrance to find out that it had brokedown and the ride ops didn't know when it would nbe fixed so I walked back to scottland and rde nesie again. Meeting up with my family we walked over to Italy to ride apollos chariot. I got in line and then That Broke down. I waited a while but it was going to be a while before it was fixed so I walked back over to Germany and hit alpengeist ..

Alpengeist-20minwait-5- My Favorite ride at this park. The shear height of the inversions and the speed at which you hit them is mindblowing. The pacing of the ride also adds to the excitement. I noticed that this ride was not as loud as other b7m inverts that I've ridden, Has it Been Silenced?

after another ride on alpengeist my family wanted to go through ireland and france so sadly, I didn't get to ride alpie again. After walking through the countries We headed back to italy in hopes that Apollos was running And thankfully it was....

Apollos Chraiot-45min wait-4-Long wait for this one. Great ride, my only complaint is thatthe ride attendents make sure that your lapbar is on Tight as I tried to have it realy lose. I didn't get much airtime due to the fact that I could barely breathe the restraint was on so tight.

Well By This time it was closing time and we headed home. But their are a ew complaints that I have with the park..

1. Horrible ride crews-it took crews forever just to load the trains on apollos and alpengeist.

2. Need more ticket booths- they only had like 8 which took hours to get through

3.Need more Pay to park booths- to many cars and only like 6 booths

I'm not trying to be negative but all I did was wait in line all day and experience breakdowns and long lines that could hvae been eliminated if the problems I mentioned were fixed. I must say tho that the theaming and food was Excelent and looked very real.

This park may not have many rollercoasters But the 5 they have are the best collection for the park.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003 4:06 PM
I have read some other trip reports for the same week and i have noticed that all other days except wensday were great in terms of no waits and short lines(not that 15 min is a long wait). I guess i hit the park on a bad day

oh well

Tuesday, April 22, 2003 6:49 PM
I was there the weekend 11th to the 13th. The 1st day at the park as soon as I was to be on the next train it would breakdown doubling my wait time. THat happened on both Apollo's Chariot, and Alpengeist. Alpengeist was great. Its a close race between it, and Raptor for my favorite inverted. I'll know after I ride Raptor again.

I agree about ticket booths, and all what you said. I was just lucky enough to get there early enough that I didn't have to wait that long. For being early in the season the crowds weren't too bad, but was more crowded than I expected.

I also don't like the narrow walkways in a lot of sections. It can really create a traffic flow problem. I thought it was a beautiful park, and I can see why it wins awards for it.

I really loved the Big Bad Wolf, and Loch Ness Monster. Two Arrow masterpieces. The Wild Maus was just so so. I was somewhat disappointed by Apollo's Chariot too. Its my least favorite hyper that I have ridden.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003 12:12 PM
I havn't been there this year yet, but am going on a field trip for physics there in May.

I have to say, though, that BGW has really gone downhill in the last few years. First the closing of Drachenfire, possibly the sweetest corkscrew coaster ever, and then with the crowds getting bigger and bigger, there is not enough ticket booths and that kind of stuff, and the waits are horrible compared to PKD, which even on saturdays never has more than a 10 minute wait on most coasters, where BGW is hours on Saturday. And then with such a great line up of coasters, Alpi, Loch Ness, and Big Bad Wolf, they installed what has to be the tamest, least exciting, least intense hyper I have ever ridden, Apollo's Chariot. No offense, I like to ride it, and the fact that it has a short wait usually, but it is so lame compared to the other coasters in Virginia. And BGW seriously needs some wood!

wood's just as good

Wednesday, April 23, 2003 9:46 PM

SFDL fan said:
Loch Ness Monster-15min wait-3- Good ride, very smooth for an arrow(never banged my head on restraints). Sadly it wasn't running 3 trains so the trains weren't going through the loops at the same time.

Even when Lochness runs two trains the trains never hit the loops at the same time. This must be based on timing or something, because as many times as I have been to BGW, never have I seen the trains loop at the same time!

Monday, April 28, 2003 5:52 PM
Let me put in my two sense about busch gardens williamsburg. This is my home park, and i visit 1-2 times a week. I must say that it is the most beautiful park i have seen. I havnt been to many, but somehow i think it will always top my list. Let me make a note about the long waits.... Busch gardens always has long lines to get in between 10-11am, eventually you realize the best time to arrive is 9:30, which gives you plenty of time to get into the park and get into line for loch ness, which is the only ride open that early. as far as ticket sales go, that is to be expected of early morning. I never had any problems with the ticket sales, although the lines were atrocious, they did in fact move at a moderate pace.

The second lift hill for loch ness is for timing purposes only, when they have three cars running so they hit the loops at the same time. very rarely do they have them timed now, except during the summer when it is very busy and they have all three cars running.

I must say that i disagree about big bad wolf, i think that was the only ride in the park that i have ever been disapointed with. the lines are ALWAYS atrocious, unless of course it is like 9:30 at night and the ride is about to close, or it has been raining all day. The cars take forever to load, dont ask me why, maybe the employees are just slow. Every time we ride that my head gets banged around and i end up with a sore shoulder and head the rest of the day.

As far as alpengiest and apollos chariot breaking, you mentioned you were there on april 16, LOL i was there on the same day. that was one of its bad days i i have never had that many coasters breaking down for so long at one time. i think i only got to ride alpengiest three times, and didnt even ride apollos chariot. seemed like alot of rides were shut down that day, da vincis cradle and the sky ride were also down.

As far as ride attendents on Apollos chariot, i think you got the short end of the stick that day, the new employees on apollos chariot this year are VERY slow, and they definatly slam your lapbars down too tight. They are the weekday shifters though, so if you ever get a chance to go on a sunday do so, the better employees are working, plus it isnt very crowded.

About ride attendents, let me make mention of my loch ness crew! LOL they are some of the most fun people you could hang around. If any of you ever get the chance to get to know them, do so.


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