BGW 4-6-03 Great day! (long)

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Sunday, April 6, 2003 5:51 PM
We arrived around 1:00, considering my brother's band festival plus the 2hr drive. Nonetheless, we still had plenty of time for the day.

Upon arival, crowds appeared to be moderate. First thing was to get our season passes all set up since it was our first visit for the season. One of the things i really like about BGW's passes is that you can choose what your pass looked like. Choices include germany, france, ireland, and something else..not quite sure though.

First ride of the day would be Apollo. It was a pretty short wait, but a bit longer than previous visits because there were some school trips. Me and my dad took the very back row, while my brother passed through(he doesnt ride coasters). I almost managed to get away with plenty of space by using the "slouch" trick, but i repositioned a bit early and the ride op caught yet again i was stapled. The ride again didnt dissapoint and gave wonderful negative G's and airtime on every hill.

Next was a ride for my brother. We rode the spinning teacups nearby. A decent ride a guess. Not too thrilling, but the laterals were fun. Next we hopped on to the train which brought us back towards france. The view during the ride was amazing, and provided for some nice pictures.

Noticing that Alpengiest was nearby, we headed for that. A moderate wait, slightly longer than Apollo. We rode in the 2nd row which still gave a decent view. Alpengiest also delivered especially well that day, and was more intense than i remember..great ride!

After that we werent quite sure what to ride so we walked around a bit and enjoyed the scenery. The landscaping is great, and the trees provide for excellent shading. After our walk around, we ended up in ireland. Although the area isnt large, there seemed to be an emptiness behind it. I think a coaster would fit well in the area themed to a crazy leprecahn(sp) or something. Anyways, we went into corkscrew hill. A bit of a frustration because my brother thought it was some type of indoor coaster due to it having "corkscrew" in the name. We managed to pursuade to come anyway.

The walk through the tunnel to get to the ride was kind of nice, and gave a bit of a mysterious feeling. Moving forward there were the standard goofy 3-D glasses that parks have, and we moved into a room with a screen. There began a bit of an introduction. After waiting about 10 mins we moved into another room with colored circles to make sure everyone had a seat. After another 5 mins or so we moved into the simulater room. A fun simulater overall, but i wasnt too fond of the horseback ride. Just a bit too many jerks for me in one ride.

Next on the agenda was to find something to eat, as we were getting a big hungry. My brother wanted italian type food, and me and my dad didnt care, so we headed back down into the apollo area. I dont remember what place we ate at, but the food was deffinately above the standard park menu. It was a real relief to get away from chicken strips and burgers(pretty much all you can get at PKD-my home park).

All i asked for the next half hour or so was time to let the food settle before i got on anything crazy. So we walked around a bit more. After a few mins we looked at the park map, and decided to head up to new france to try out the raceway. Quite a long walk for antique cars(i thought it would be go-karts). Me and my brother waited in line for this for quite a long time considering it everyone wanted to drive. So naturally, it went one person at a time which took a while. I dont expect to ride this much, but i really liked the views of it proved to be worth it.

Next up was my choice, and lochness was a good canidate for me. A bit smoother than a remembered. Also, does anyone know if lochness recieved a paint job? Both BBW and LM both looked as though they got new paint. Very little chips, and the only places there wasnt paint was on the rails.

We walked a bit more, and got some ice cream. The line in the place we decided on was a bit long, so we spent a good 20 mins waiting. The ice cream wasnt too bad though. We just walked a bit more, and passed by the bald eagles and the horses as we ate.

It was now around 6:00 or so, and i was ready for another ride on alpengeist. I went alone while my brother and dad stayed in the dragons play area. I got another good ride on alpengeist(at night)which gave another wicked ride for the day. Deffinately one of the more intense inverts.

I left the que and headed back to the dragons area where we ended up playing tag in the play ground. It was kinda fun, and provided good exercise as the nets and stairs wear you out quickly. But, it gave my brother something to do since he is very picky about rides. We were a bit tired, and i was ready for another ride on apollo. Considering that we were all a bit worn out, we took a ride on the sky ride which took as close to the apollo area. A real relief after all that walking during the day.

I got one more back row ride on apollo. This time however, i remained in the "slouching" position until we left the station. I was amazed by how much space i got away with...just a bit much actually. I let it go down just a few more clicks, but still had plenty of room left. The space available, plus the negatives on the drop gave tremendous airtime. The sad part was that nomatter how much space you get away with, the bottom of the drop takes its toll and the G's push the lap bar down even more. The many drops ahead also proved to be nice and i got airtime on every hill like always.

Leaving the que happy and satisfied, i soon found out my brother wasnt feeling well and was ready to go home. Although the park was going to be open for another 2hrs, i was tired as well, and agreed that we were ready to leave.

Overall a wonderful day at the park. Forcasts pushed toward rain and t-storms, but we ended up with 70's and blue skies. A great day at a great park. Not much more i could ask for.

I hope you enjoyed my TR. I may post my PKD one for 4-7, but the day was quite dissapointing and probably wouldnt be that much fun to read about, so i may never write it.


Edit: Visit date was 4-5-03, not 4-6-03. Too bad i cant change the title..

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Sunday, April 6, 2003 6:45 PM

Summer 03-CP, HP, Canobie, SFNE, SFWOA, and SFGAm.

Monday, April 7, 2003 10:52 AM
Nope, no BBW for that day. I was hoping my brother would try it out considering he loved Iron Dragon @ CP. But sadly, he saw the 2nd drop next to the river and literaly had a heart attack. Maybe later in the season ill ride it.

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