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My first visit to BGW, I now understand its consistent high rankings for best landscaping and most beautiful park. Where as other parks might concentrate on quantity, it is clear that BGW focuses on quality. The theming is elaborate and the mood of the park is a combination of festive and pastoral. Trams to and from parking were plentiful with no waits on either day I visited. Although Apollo's Chariot abuts the parking lot and offers much promise of what is to come in the park - upon entry, rides and attractions are placed in settings that utilize the terrain and landscape of the park.

Gardens were gorgeous. Staff was friendly and plentiful. Pricing was reasonable. This park is definitely one of the best I have ever visited - I only wish it was warmer on my visit.

Loch Ness Monster (9/10)
Not a fan of looping coasters, this ride was so well designed and lovingly maintained that I rode it multiple times. The first drop is fantastic. The enclosed helix is one of those great design elements that other parks might cut for expense, but BGW employed to enhance an already great experience. The interlocking loops and use of terrain made for an exciting and enjoyable ride. The station is a castle.

Alpengeist (10/10)
The BEST inverted coaster I have ever ridden. It easily eclipses Raptor, Montu, and Talon. The station is one of the most beatiful and beautifully themed stations in existence. The details are dazzling. The trains are designed to look like ski lifts with a set of skis behind each rider. The first drop is nearly vertical and twists up into a roll that disorients and sends the ride barreling through the course. The theming of the ride itself is indicative of the care and enthusiam this park has for its attractions and the experience of its guests. The ride never lets up. It was a walk on all morning. Jumps to #1 inverted for me and easily places in my top 10 steel.

Big Bad Wolf (10/10)
I've ridden Top Gun at PKI, Ninja at SFMM and Iron Dragon at CP. You could combine those three and still not match the thrill of this ride. A rather serene departure from the station soon gives way to a pandemonious ride that truly exploits and enhances the design features of this ride. From the blasting through the little town to the dive toward the lake from the top of the hill, this is one rollicking, raucous ride. Perfect in every way - a real thrill.

Apollo's Chariot (10/10)
Another superb B&M hyper. We found the flattened bottom of the first and third drops enhanced the feeling of speed. Loved the second drop toward the lake. The banked turn into the final bunny hill run was a good element. Another B&M thatlives up to the hype.

Wild Maus (6/10)
Consideringthe quality and theming ofthe other four coasters, this was a bit of a disappointment. It wasn't so much that it was a lousy ride as that it was a ride I could expect at any other park.

Nice Trip report. It seems like you ride on a trimless day (due to the cooler weather perhaps) When I went every ride was trimmed heavily, especially the mouse. On the flipside, I could go to Busch gardens and not ride any rides and still have fun. There is so much to do and see.
Three 10/10 coasters. BGW is the best park for quality rides. Even the simple Escape from Pompeii is heavily themed.

They need to add a woodie.

Yes another person who thinks Alppie is the best!

Summer 03-CP, HP, Canobie, SFNE, SFWOA, and SFGAm.

Yeah, Alpi can't be beat for a looper!

But Apollo has always disappointed me, but I guess I am just the kind of person that has to have coasters very intense. BGW so needs a woodie. Thats why I spend all my time at PKD, because of the woodies.

wood's just as good

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Apollo's Chariot wasn't one of my favorites when I first rode it. However, it's the only coaster I've ridden that has grown on my by leaps and bounds. I love it now. As for Alpie, it's nice to see so many who agree that it's truly one of the best (if not the best) inverts out there. Alpengeist is second only to Millennium Force on my ranking of steel coasters.

And I just experienced nirvana on it this past October. During Busch's Halloween event (whatever the hell it's called--I get it, Six Flags', and Paramount's confused constantly), they turn out all the lights that normally illuminate it at night. Makes for a spectacular ride. They also run an empty 'ghost train' every few minutes, which is a really nice effect.

Great trip report, BrooklynRider. Sometimes I take for granted that one of the nicest parks in the world is only a couple short hours away from me.

Have you ridden a Toboggan?
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