BGT-Uni-Orlando-Sea World Orlando 3/10

Arrived in Orlando late Wednesday night, picked up rental car, and drove to Clearwater. After a extremely weird dinner at Applebee's which had karaoke that night, checked in. Next day baseball game, Yankees vs. Phillies. Then a trip to St Pete, to the pier. What a stinker.

Arrived at BGT, and onto Gwazi, I think Tiger was open. Good, and intense. 8/10. Toured the Bird Aviary, then onto Shrieka. Front row, end seat. Whoa! 9.5/10. BBQ lunch.
Rhino Rally, had the river version. On to Scorpion. Back seat. 8/10. Then to Kumba. Not so smooth this time. 8/10. Very long train ride. Sky Ride to the front. Montu was closed for the short, so we toured Edge of Africa. Then to Montu, intense. 8.5/10.

Next day, off to Universal Orlando. First visit since 2005. Lined up for RRR. What a rip-off. Rough, uncomfortable seats, but jammed to KC and the Sunshine Band. This coaster will fall apart in the next 3 years. 7/10. Used front of the line passes the rest of the day. Hit Jaws, 8/10, Nathan's Hot Dogs, The Simpson's!, 9/10. Outstanding, but this staff is borderline Jerry's Kids. They can't count, and some tour showed up, and just butted in front of everyone. I doubt that would happen in LA.

Then to MIB, 9/10, and Shrek, 8.5/10. After the Mummy, which is still a suprise thriller, 8.5/10, headed next door. Onto Hulk, which was again rough, 7.5/10, and then onto Spiderman, 9/10. Walked the whole back of park, saw the Harry Potter, which does nothing for me, and then to the Seuss Trolley, finally running when I was there. What a neat-o ride. Then Cat in the Hat, and dinner at Pasta-more' at CityWalk.

Into Sea World, my favorite park, and with the front of the line pass, onto Manta. Lost about $3 in quarters, and thought it was worth it. 9/10. Then to Shamu Stadium, and was quite entertained with 6 Orca's in action. Most I ever saw in Ohio was 3, but always good times. Grabbed some pizza, and headed to the Dolphin Show.

I do think the old-school Shamu/Dolphin show in Ohio was the bomb, but people seem to dig all this spandex and feathers. Then to Penguin Encounter, and off to the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium show. Bring back Spooky Kooky Castle please. Fed the sea lions next door, and then Kraken. This is the smoothest B&M out there, period. 9.5/10.

After a few more stops, hit Journey to Atlantis. 8/10. Again, are they hiring 'special' folks for these rides? You can't run an attraction this large with 3 people. You only have 5 major rides. It is not that hard to manage. Just please try. Then back on Kraken, and then back onto Manta, and a spin on the Sky Tower. Please get notes from Cedar Point....enter the cabin, walk all the way around before you stop. I had the pleasure of being seated next to 'Cletus and the misses'. I gave them my map, so the "I be wonderin' what is under dem trees over der" questions on each turn would top.

Another great Orlando trip. 9/10.

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Agent Johnson said:
AThe Simpson's!, 9/10. Outstanding, but this staff is borderline Jerry's Kids.

Nice <:rolls eyes:>.

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Just rode Simpsons for the 1st time earlier this week. Great ride. I think that it competes with Soarin...while a completely different concept. There were several points during the ride I threw my hands in front of me to keep from hitting something. Probably the best IMAX experience in play right now. Completely exceeded my expectations, and I am not a huge fan of the Simpsons.

I agree, Potter World, or whatever they are calling it does nothing for me either....

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