BGT operations and crowds?

Hey gang, I'm heading down to Tampa for the Outback Bowl. Anybody have any experience with BGT on New Year's Eve? I know Orlando parks can get pretty crowded. I realize it will have decent crowds, just wondering if it's overbearing aka over 1 hour waits for coasters. I also am unfamiliar with how efficient their operations are because some parks are still enjoyable when crowds are high whereas others are miserable. The person I would be going with is not a big park fan so I need to be careful. Thanks!


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Granted I haven't been at a Busch park since 2001, historically they run maximum number of trains on all of the coasters, regardless of the lines. BGT is generally less crowded that any of the parks in Orlando. I have no clue know how the crowds are that time, but I do know that the lines move fast.

Hope this helps and hopefully someone else can fill in the gaps.

30-40 minute lines I'd say. They run everything at capacity...usually around 32,000 people come on New Year's eve
Thanks a lot guys for the feedback. Usually, I don't need to ask because I have enough experience but I have no clue on this one. All I needed was a ballpark feel for things and I think I got that. Thanks again!

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