BGT in half a day?

I'm considering going to BGT for a few hours on a colder Thursday afternoon...the question is - can I get a ride in on each coaster in the 3.5 hours before the park closes?

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Certainly! The kiddie, three B&Ms, and an Arrow? On a colder weekday? I'd guess you could get two on each of the adult rides if you were willing to skip DarKastle (I wouldn't).

Wrong BG gator. But Im pretty sure you still can. Ive been at BGT on days where no ride has a line, managed to get an 8 ride marathon at Kumba too. Save Shikra for last, its likely going to have the longest line.

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^LOL, good call! BGT is less doable in a half-day for a couple reasons...more coasters, worse operations. Both parks are tough to navigate layout-wise, but transport rides can help alot (the skyrides are the best choice - when they're operating). Montu and Kumba can be real people-eaters when the ops are working hard (kind of rare, to be honest).

This time of year being after the holidays, you will have no problem hitting all the coasters in 3.5 hours.

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^It's a HUGE park, and takes a long time from ride to ride. But you can do it in half a day.

Me, I could spend half a day on Scorpion ;) Kumba is pretty good too, for a B&M. And Gwazi, although rough, is a kick ass ride!


Scorpion is fantastic! When I went down a few years ago in February, I must have gotten ten re-rides in a row. Arguably the best coaster in the park.

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I think so too. I love the Scorpion, and it surprises me a little every time.

I think BGT is doable in a half day, but you'd really have to hurry, park conditions would have to be just right, and you'd have to be satisfied with just coaster riding. Rhino Rally is certainly unique and a lot of fun (once) if you can squeeze that in.

I like to explore all aspects of a park, esp if I haven't been there before, and I think 3.5 hours in such a nice park would be just enough to make me mad and regret having spent the money.

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I live in Chicago but have a place in Seminole roughly thirty minutes from Busch Tampa. I plan on about two visits yearly to Busch. Up north I have one of SF top moneymakers. I don't know for sure when I'll visit Great America next. Perhaps after they add a few more mice coasters to round out their collection...

Last I visited Busch (12/27) I was planning on getting a few rides in and leaving. I got there around noon and the park was open until 8. I wound up staying till close despite my original intentions.

Kumba and Montu were kicking ass like I've never remembered, and Sheikra was a great surprise. I never thought much of it, but hadn't ridden it floorless. Wasn't expecting a great difference but left the park thinking much more highly of the ride. Scorpion had the longest line of the day due to single train operation, but with the way the three big steel coasters were performing, one ride was enough, and then back to the big ones for re-rides galore on Kumba during the fireworks show, and minimal waits on the others (before the fireworks). Gwazi was shaky but hauled around the course, and I have more than enough wild mouse coasters up north so I skipped Cheetah Chase.

We decided to finally give Rhino Rally a try. It was by far the longest wait of the day. I didn't know what to expect, but It was dark and it so happened that the spotlight on our Land Rover wasn't working. Even if it was, I think the train ride offers just about the same experience save for the water portion, which was entertaining simply because it was about 50 degrees outside and I was terrified of getting wet. Once is enough, and I'll happily pass on this when I visit next...

Had an amazing roasted turkey breast sandwich at the (desert cafe?) sitdown eatery near Scorpion. I don't usually eat at parks, but I'm glad I did this time. Probably the best meal I've had at a park. Two weeks later and after several scrumptious meals, this one beckons me back to Tampa. Oh, and $9.00 with a side of some pretty good potato salad.

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Thanks for all the help guys!

Went yesterday, and it was great! Arrived at the park around 3:15 and was able to ride every ride front-row, plus re-ride Sheikra an additional time before six, when the park closed. Every ride was a walk-on, front row. The park was so empty it was eerie, but it was definitely a good time. Freezing after sundown though...

Welcome to Six Flags Great America, home of the fastlane and delay-ja vu! We have now officially been deemed the world-wide wait!

You're welcome and I'm glad you had a good time. I try to schedule a Florida trip every year in Jan or Feb.and it's without a doubt one of the best times to go. Chilly? Can be, but that 60 degrees in the daytime is ALWAYS better than the Ohio weather I came from to be there!

My last job 10 years ago I use to go on fridays because I had that day off. I'd ride Montu or Kumba 10-15 times in a row till I was bored. Usually just have to jump into a diferent row. The amazing thing is the park would be dead till about 3:30 or so and there would be a rush of kids hitting the park after school. So if you can hit the park in the morning it will probably be less busy than in the afternoon.

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