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Well I went down to Florida last week and stayed in a town named Englewood...Anyways of Wednesday We went to BGT...Arrived at the park @ 8:30...No one was their. We had prepurchased the tickets and waited to enter.

Anyways as the ticket personal began to open the park an elderly women yelled at us because we were supposedly not in line because we were rite infront of the gate instead of in the sun area behind it so she said get to the back of the line and turned around and told everyone dont let these 2 guys pass. Everyone acted normal and of course let us pass and she was just being stupid because we were their before anyone...She then said we should go back to college and we pointed out to her that we're fifteen and go to high school. But anyways...back to the park

We had a camera and decided to put it in the lockers near Montu which would be our first ride. We got in @ 9:00 and entered the park and headed towards Montu...Took the wrong path and when we got to the Aligators we noticed we were going the wrong way and went back...On the way we ran away from a park entertainer for our entertainment.

*Montu* Theming - 10/10 Ride - 9/10 LayOut- 9/10 This ride was Awsome. My first B&M invert and my new favorite inverted. This ride had the element I have been wanting to do ever since i've seen it and its the Butterfly element. It was by far the best and I loved the Immelman and Vertical loop Big and the one 1/2 under ground. This ride has awsome themeing and It gives an awsome ride...Not a single rough spot. Very intense. Rode it 6 times...Walk on in morning with 1 train op. and then 4 train wait later in the day with 2 train op.

Kumba - Great ride 9/10 Nice lay out, Very smooth for its age, only slight rough spot in cobra roll. I liked it alot but its in dire need of a paint job. Nice station and logo but didnt have To much theming. I enjoyed the helix and the Drop over water and the Loop through the lift hill, Actually I enjoyed the whole thing...Morning was walk on and after noon 10 min wait...Ran 2 trains all day.

Python - Good ride 7/10 I've ridden Canobie Corkscrew and the rides are exactly the same. Both are kinda smooth. Nice new paint and i loved the path that leads to the station. Very nice themeing throughout the ride. Python also has its own Cafe...but anyways morning it was walk on and I only rid it once all day because when i returned later on @ noonish the wait was an HOUR!!! For everyone saying this ride should be removed, I dont think its gonna happen. Everyone enjoys the ride as it seems and it just got all repaired and repainted so its not going anywere.

Scorpion 7/10 My first ever Schwarzkopf and it was pretty good. My favorite part was the loop with no lap bars. Nice speed and smooth ride but was kinda short. Only rode it once with 5 min wait because @ around one the wait was an hour and I didnt want to wait that long.

Gwazi - 9/10 Awsome wood coaster and is my new #2 wood coaster...I rode both sides 4 times each (8 total) and I found both to be equally great. I only have one problem with it and its a pet peeve of mine...They have a racing coaster but DONT RACE IT! Trains would leave about 7 seconds apart so it wouldn't even be hard to race them, but they didnt for some strange reason. The ride closed down @ around 3:30 for a small amount of time so the employess could recover something someone lost.

Well the PARK FOOD was good...and It was a beutiful park

Other Rides:

Pheonix: 8/10 Inverting swinging ship. Nice intense ride but kind of painful when the bars some down. One of the very Very few flats. Walk on.

Bumper Cars: (Has a diffrent name) 7/10 Nice bumper cars i guess...Nice rock theming inside the ride itself...5 min wait early on and 40 min wait later on in day

Chairlift: 8/10 Nice chairlift with great view...Great way to go to Kumba From Montu if you don't want to walk and also great view of the animals. I didnt go on rhino rally because the line was huge and about 2 hours and i already waited 30 mins before getting out of the line.

I didnt go on any water rides or any other rides except the ones mentioned. The park was empty at first but around noon was packed with people. Nice beutufil park but has a HORRIBLE LAYOUT. I found dead ends everywere. To get to Scropion from the Gwazi area or Kumba from Gwazi you need to walk all the way to the bird area of the park and all the way down to the kiddie area and then to the Congo...Very very annoying and the park is huge. You CANNOT walk towards a ride and expect to get thier because it wont happen. I tried using the map but had difficulty. Thats my one complaint about the park, the layout. I saw sweeps everywere and the lines werent too bad and it was a nice park. Perfect weather and I loved the turtles. I left at 4 and went to a Amish Restaraunt...Thanks for reading.

#1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!! My top 7 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Montu 3. Yankee Cannonball 4. Kumba 5. Gwazi 6. Cyclone (SFNE) 7. B:DK

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I actually visited Englewood's beach when I went down to Florida at the end of March. It's a nice 'lil place.

Sometimes I wonder whether Vekoma would be better off just changing their name...
Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

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