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Hello to everyone who gave me advice on navigating BGE.
Well here it goes; the trip report:
As advised i arrived at the park early at 9:30am. I actually was the first person in line at the rope. At 10 they dropped the rope. Only the right side of the park was open, but thanks to you all, I knew that. The Loch Ness Monster (LNM) was closed, so I walked (Don't Run Folks) to France
I was able to get two rides on Griffin before the crowds arrived. (I'll discuss that later) Both of the rides were in the front row, right side and left side edge. WOW! this ride is fun albeit short. The left side was my favorite. Next on to Alpengeist.
As I entered the cue the attendant said that I was the first person to get in line. (What?) Oh well, guess I'll just have to ride in the front row. After a five minute wait for a couple of trains to cycle, I got another two rides before anyone wanted to ride in the front. (again What?) Well this ride is now my favorite invert. Great g forces; still reasonably smooth, a little rough in the cobra roll in the right hand seat, but still great. Great views of the park.
Now its 10:30 (really all that in a half hour) and I walked across the park to Italy. Now I really have to agree with my advisors, this park is GORGEOUS. The landscaping and the environment are really conducive to a great theme park.
I got to Apollo's Chariot in time to ride in the front of the third train of the day. I was impressed with the use of the landscape. Sorry folks, I liked this ride better than Nitro. (Send all hate mail to George W. Bush) There was no one in the park yet so after a ride in the front I rode three consecutive times in the back. Yes I said consecutive.
The ride ops were awesome all day on every ride. They all kept saying if there was no one waiting for your row than to stay on if you wanted to. On every ride! O.K. back to the report.
Well LNM was open so I had to ride on its 30th anniversary year. A little rough, but after 30 years, who isn't. Now its 11:25! on to the Big Bad Wolf.
I was able to ride this in the front and the back and I believe that the front is the smoothest and has better swing on the last drop, but in the back it is more fun going through the faux village. I really enjoyed this ride. Yes it is a little jerky, but it is still the best suspended coaster I've been on.
Well it is now about 11:50 and I have ridden all five coasters multiple times. There is still no one in the park and that held true all day. Every ride was no more than a 10 minute wait for all of the premiere seats. I highly recommend going on this day every year. All of the pass holders I talked to said that this is normal for this day. Book it for next year everybody. Trust me, the park can handle it.
I then rode the train, as suggested, because I had the time and stopped in Germany for my ride on Curse of DarKastle. This was my first immersive dark ride. I had a great time. Everyone enjoyed the theming and the ride was cool.
Well I could ramble on, but those are the high points. To sum up, try to go on this day next year, because these are my ride totals in 8 hours: (yes, I decided to stay all day it was too much fun. SCREW WORK!)

AC-16 (Including last train of the day)

Please feel free to comment, as this is my first trip report.
Again thanks to everyone for their advice.

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Yikes! Paragraphs please! :)

Certain victory.

Thanks Kick for the grammar lesson, really. Tabs don't seem to show up so my new paragraphs are not as visible as I would like. Again thanks.

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