BGA to remove Python after the season

It was inevitable, and due to happen. I finally got to BGA this summer and though it wasn't that great, glad I caught it in it's final year. I did wonder how it survived there as long as it did though with coasters like Kumba and Montu in the same park. I'm hoping they keep Scorpion for a while though. Python's removal seems to be part of an overall rehab on the Congo area.

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Yeah true, not sure where they get their information. All they mention is the ride operators and past rumors.
Well i'd have to say the park confirmed this way back in January.

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Well here is what it says. . .

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If it was another park I would have thought it would be a horrible decision because it seems like coasters with only 1 or 2 inversions are becoming a thing of the past. I think those coasters are important because a lot of people try their first coaster with inversions on a ride with minimal inversions. Since they have Scorpion, I guess that's enough then.

I also doubt it would happen but I think it would be great if they could relocate it to Sesame Place somehow since it would somewhat fit in with the park (give the parents and older siblings something else to ride in the park and not too intimidating for younger riders to try), but I don't think they would bother relocating it to another AB park. *** Edited 8/13/2006 7:19:41 PM UTC by YoshiFan***

Send it to Adventureland! Those Iowegians would eat it up. :)
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It's Arrow. It's old. RIP.
I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.
Some of those older one or two loop coasters would be a nice addition to some of the smaller parks because of their relatively small footprints. Greased Lightning from SFAW got a new lease on life from such a park but I'm surprised Viper didn't.

Meanwhile DelGrossos salvages a 3 loop coaster. I just wonder how they plan to fit it into their small, landlocked park.

Hopefully Python will find its way to a smaller park. I remember that those two early coasters at BGA both had small footprints which would make them good for parks where space is at a premium.

Arthur Bahl

I think the market for old Arrow loopers dried up about a decade ago, maybe longer. Canobie added their corkscrew in the late 80's and it was an outdated ride not long after that. I'm surprised DelGrosso's would add something similar, although the condition of the ride and the great price surely factored heavily into their decision.
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The operations of this ride were pretty bad too. I don't think they used more than one train for a long time (someone can confirm or deny that). Last year I wanted to ride it just to say I had and it took forever for them to load just that one train.
The park probably didn't need more than one train.
Old news.

I miss Drachen Fire

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No thanks, Mr. Misery-an. We'd rather get a second-hand SLC. We will gladly take Scorpion though! :) *** Edited 8/14/2006 7:56:40 PM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Swoosh said:
Send it to Adventureland! Those Iowegians would eat it up.

Is that like Norwegians??????????

Skol Vikings
Let's shoot us some deer Joe Joe!!!!

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The ride is in really good shape and it rides nice, it may end up somewhere. But I'll take Scorpion over Python any day.... (As much as I love my Arrows, there are just others I'd rather see saved)
^^Sort of, but with more corn and pigs.

Iowegian: (n) pronounced eye-oh-weee-jah-un, a person or "thing" from the great state of Iowa ;)

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Ah, but perhaps Del Grossos is smarter than we think? For a lot less money than something new they get to add a coaster that, at least to people in the marketplace, will be new and unique. And it should be the tallest ride at the park and a good way to advertise to the folks over on I-99 as they drive by.

Attendence goes up...spending per cap goes up...and in a year or two viola!, they've made enough money to not only remove the Arrow looper just when maintenance costs start to outweigh the benefits of keeping the ride but they can replace it with something better.

Not saying I know this to be their plan but it's certainly within the realm of possibilities.

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