BGA: Question about ride rehab schedule

I have always made an annual trip down to BGA in mid December. This is typically when the Lion side of Gwazi is down for its normal maintanence. This year I have had to push the trip back a few weeks until the first week of the new year. Any of the BGA locals know what i can expect to be closed ? Id like to get an idea now before i show up and see Montu on the list of rides that will be closed today.

As a side note, it was finally confirmed that Shiekra will be getting the Griffon floorless update in 2007. Any thoughts / comments ?

I am curious about this as well. I'm currently planning a BGA/Cypress Gardens/Wild Adventures trip for January, and want to know these things too.

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How far can you get with a phone call or two? I'm not sure myself, but a few people told me phone calls directly to the park will get you nothing and others have told me good information or a heads up can come out of it. What do you think?

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I have tried both an email and a phone call, neither have yeilded any response.
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They can not gaurentee a ride will be running, but I can't see whay they wouldn't tell you if it was planned to be down for routine maintenance. What reason would they have not to tell you.

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