BG Tampa Rhino Rally!

Sunday, May 27, 2001 8:02 PM
I went to Busch Gardens Tampa last Saturday and experienced my first ride on Rhino Rally. It was a sneak preview too so I was really happy I was able to ride. It is a truly one of a kind ride. The animals including the rhino's are almosts touchable and our tour guide even had to stop are land rover until the zebras moved out of the way. The water adventure is amazing. It not very fast but I find it incrediable to make something in which a land rover floats down a track in water. You go through water falls and a giant wave. You don't get too wet either. I say its better getting wet plus it's too hot and dry in Tampa!! If anyone gets the chance don't miss rhino rally. Also I have heard rumors about busch gardens coaster in 2002. It will be indoors like pki's flight of fear. In my opinion i would love to see busch gardens built a hyper like williamsberg apollo's chairot. Time will tell. I will be visiting six flags worlds of adventure, cedar point, pki, kennywood, and paramounts king's dominion this summer so i will try to keep everyone informed about anything exciting or worth writing about it. Happy coasting.

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