Best way to get from Disneyland to USH

I'm starting to plan a trip out to California this summer and I'd like to hit up DL, KBF, and USH. I know that Disneyland and Knott's are less than 10 miles from each other, but is there a best a way to get from that area to Universal? I haven't been out there in about 10 years so I don't remember the area... and I don't think I'll be renting a car. Anyone have any suggestions?
That's a LONG haul, especially with traffic. If you can't rent a car it's going to be tough to get there I would think. You could maybe get a cab, but with traffic I've seen that kind of drive take 2-3 hours. (Last summer it took me 3 1/2 hours to to a dive from Orange County to Santa Monica and there were no was just traffic!)

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From USH to Disneyland/Knotts....without a car? YIKES! A cab would be rediculously expensive. Here is my advice:

Option 1: Call a travel agent and tell them you need a hotel in Los Angeles that offers shuttle service to all three parks. While you may pay more because you're using the services of a travel expert it'll pale to what you'd pay using a cab.

Option 2: Look for a shuttle company independent of a hotelier that offers service to the parks. They're out there.

Option 3: Use public trasit.

Good luck!

mOOSH (seriously thinks you should just rent a car)

I've never done it, but I know the public transit Metro Red Line goes to USH. I'm not sure how you get from Anahiem to the Red LIne though.

I also stumbled across this USH press release which sounds too good to be true. I wonder if it was a special for last season only.

I was just there a couple of months ago. I recommend renting a car for the SoCal area. We rent from Thrify near LAX when we go out--they usually have good prices. If you and one other person are going, the carpool lanes are your friend :)

For travel times, it just depends on the traffic and conditions, time of day, etc. It only took us around 30-40 mintues to get from Anaheim to the park, though this was on a Saturday.

It's not hard to get to Universal from Anaheim, though. Just take I-5 north toward LA. Make sure you keep to the left when you're approaching downtown. You'll want to take 101 north, and it's a left exit, and there really isn't any warning beforehand. Once you're on 101, you'll pass through LA and Hollywood. Look for the Universal City exit and follow the sgns to the studios park--you'll basically just keep to your right.

Some hotels may actually offer shuttle service to and from the major parks. You should be able to check on this before you make your reservations.

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