Best type of coaster for a new rider?

Saturday, August 3, 2002 12:12 PM

I have been trying to get my brother to ride roller coasters for about 2 years now and he likes a couple inverts.

In your opinion, what is the next type that I should try to get him on that would increase the chances of him riding more than just a few coasters?

I really enjoy a good looper, but I am starting to favor the steel non-loopers as I start to ride more and more.

Saturday, August 3, 2002 12:46 PM

superman: Ride of Steel @ SFA got me hooked easy.

i have the same problem with my brother. in reality, it doesnt matter how much they ride, it just depends whether or not they even want to ride it at all. if they arent willing to get scared a little, its not gonna happen. my brother ONLY rides things that dont scare him, leading to the biggest coaster he has ever been on is iron dragon @ CP.

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Saturday, August 3, 2002 12:51 PM
I'd suggest a B&M. It probably isn't the best ride for beginners, but if he enjoys that, then I think he'll be able to ride almost anything. They're smooth, fast, and are as twisted as they come I think. That might be too advanced though. I'd probably just start him out on anything that's tons of fun, in your opinion. If he gets the old logic "Bigger + Faster = more fun," in his head, then he'll definately want to go more extreme. It's your call, but once we first ride roller coasters, there's lots of fear involved, but as time goes on, that fear is allayed, and the height, speed, etc. becomes routine. I believe you should start with the basics, then move up. Like a standard sit-down, then the variations like Stand-up, suspended, floorless, etc. Sorry if that's not much help.


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Saturday, August 3, 2002 2:55 PM

Get him on a nice small good woodie.

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Saturday, August 3, 2002 3:05 PM

Either a big looping coaster like Medusa or a hypercoaster.


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Saturday, August 3, 2002 4:22 PM
I did this with my friend at SFgadv. First Blackbeard. Then Skull Mountain. Then Rolling Thunder. Then Viper. Then Medusa. Then Nitro. Then Chiller. I would say a B&M.


Saturday, August 3, 2002 4:25 PM
I would suggest that at all costs you stay away from larger rides, as the height factor contributes greatly to fear in newbies. A smaller woodie would be perfect. If you want to break a newbie in really fast, just sit 'em down on Batman:TR and they will be able to ride anything after that. My biggest suggestion might be the route I took my wife through. I sat her down on a Premier Spaghetti Bowl (FOF, Mad Cobra), then a nice suspended, followed by Orochi (a Raptor Clone). Then White Cyclone, and finally SD2K. Obviously, I did this in Japan, but it works. A great trick is to go to a park with a HUGE ride, and then have them ride with you on the perceived "smaller" rides. They make the day that much easier... One final thought....after one ride, try the same coaster, but suggest riding (perhaps stapled, but....) with your hands up. It works wonders:)
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Saturday, August 3, 2002 6:44 PM

I say...if you can get him on the biggest and baddest, then they will be able to do anything. Get them on the biggest one you can find, and go from there.

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Saturday, August 3, 2002 9:16 PM
Just call him chicken,then if thet dosent work bet him like 10$ to ride. It always works for me.
Sunday, August 4, 2002 6:46 AM
Either a hypercoaster or Millennium Force.

Six Flags, the only chain of parks that can manage to have stacking with a one train operation.

Sunday, August 4, 2002 7:57 AM
You think Millennium Force is the best ride to start a newbie on? Gee, I'm glad you didn't try to start me on rollercoasters. ;)

A rollercoaster? What's that?

Sunday, August 4, 2002 8:50 AM

I wouldn't take him on a hyper just yet,but Millennium Force would be a great start.

A hyper would produce just to much air for him to enjoy at the start.

Sunday, August 4, 2002 10:34 AM

You can start him on a roller coaster like Demon at SFGAm, Dragon at Adventureland, Corkscrew at PNE Playland & CP, or Double Loop at SFWoA. Once he gets used to those, I'd go for a hypercoaster like Apollo's Chariot, Batman: Knight Flight, or Raging Bull. These are all smooth and very fun. Once he's mastered one of those, go for Millenium Force, or even Titan or Goliath. Those three, or something like them, will get him hooked. Never start with a woodie, because some people think it's going to fall apart or something. If you do start with a woodie, go for something like Blue Streak at CP or Big Dipper at SFWoA.

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Sunday, August 4, 2002 10:54 AM
Throw him in the deep end: Bring him to the UK and ride Oblivion...if he doesn't have a heart attack, he'll be coaster fan for life!!! :)
Sunday, August 4, 2002 2:48 PM

BeyondOblivion said:
Throw him in the deep end: Bring him to the UK and ride Oblivion...if he doesn't have a heart attack, he'll be coaster fan for life!!!

Umm I got my niece on Drop Zone at PKI but I couldn't get her on the Beast. What's up with this? After taking her on a 305 foot tower I can't get here on a 120 foot tall coaster. In fact I couldn't get her on a 60 foot tall mine train or a 60 foot tall suspended coaster (Top Gun).

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