best trip ever to CP(without TTD) 6/23/03

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Best Trip ever to CP!

I just took my post from and pasted it..takes alot less time.

Reason: The reason i went to cedar point was b/c we wernt going to travel to SFstl. I know i have had my beef with Cedar point from previous trips..and i use to do some Bashing..But now i have converted to a CP fan Girl..ok not quite!

Before Arrival: We got up at 6:30 and We got on the rode from cleaveland before 7:00.....(We = sis...chris...stephanie)

Arrival- Got there at 9:15(just about) and waited for the gates to open.
Inside the park: the park was packed for a monday. people were already making the wait for raptor 30min.
so we took the Sky ride over to The big fountain/lake where Iron dragon is.

Coasters: Mantis was the 1st coaster we rode with an 45min wait.i love the paint job it makes it so nice. but there was a dead pigeon on the ground which was kina nasty.
8/10- good ride

Mean Streak was next with a walk on we rode it 5x it was so awsome..who ever said this coaster is rough is sadly mistaken..i found it to be alot smoother than other wooden coasters ive been on. 8/10

Gemini- Walk on the 1st time and the other 3x we rode it. i love how you can touch hands with the peeps in the other train(b/c i got to touch this really hot guy..i thnk he was flirting b/c he wouldnt let go of my hand) ways good ride 8/1o

Magnum: broke down for most of the morning. so we stayed there for about 5 min hoping it would open..and it did we got right on....the air on this coaster is out of this world 9/10

Power Tower- We did the launch up side 5x . I couldnt get enough. 9/10

Wicked Twister- We had to buy a locker to put our stuff in .even though there are 3 huge tubs to put stuff in..i really never liked this coaster and it didnt do anything thing for me 6/10

Disaster Transport: What is the Themeing?...a 3d space ride or what? it 's weird..the ride has always been bad, but now its just worse..1/10

Iron Dragon: Same as always..good but now worse i b/c half the trees are gone b/c of TTD.

Millennium force- Got to ride this twice. 1st time it was broken down everyone left the Queue and we came from Cedar creek mine ride..stood next to the entrace talking to the ride op...then the Phone rang and he let us in..we were the 1st and only peeps in the station and we got front seat w/ no wait..this has never happend..and front seat is eyes watered the whole time.....we also rode it at night w/ a 1 1/2hr wait 10/10( most air time on a coater ever!)

Raptor: This is now my #1 Coaster..i just loved it to is so much fun and its intense!....10/10

This was so much better than my 1st trip this year( with-out TTD)

The Bads- No TTD...Long lines...Hot...
The Goods- MF...Raptor...Food(Elephant Ears)...Boys

over all it was a good trip and i had fun.. we met peeps from mexico....florida..and north carolina..(all pissed TTD wasnt open)

Next up KW and SFWOA and SFOG

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Wow, how refreshing... a CP TR that actually concentrates on the coasters that are NOT named Top Thrill Dragster.

Millennium Force...? "the most air time on a coaster ever" ??? Really? They must have had the airtime turned down when I went on it. It has 2 very minimal floats on the camelbacks and a pop on the bunnyhop, hardly qualifies as "the most ever" Magnum has a ton more air than MF. The Force is more about speed than air.

SCREAM with me... in 2003!

I'm with her, I have never understood this "MF has no air" thing. I rarely ever touch the seat the whole way down any of the 4 hills, in any seat. The front is actually the place to get the most air. Maggie's air is completely different, its rough, ejector that doesn't last long. MFs is long, floating, suspended motion.

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Millenium has floater air on the hills, but yes, Magnum is ejector air. And I am not surprsied that Raptor is your new #1, that coaster is amazing! It's a not-so-close second to Dragster in my book!
Best air ever? Millenium force? LOL, you must be joking...

Everyone knows Phantoms Revenge has the best air ever.

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uhh, best air ever = Titan!

Got Titan?

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