Best Phantom's Revenge Seat?

Sunday, July 7, 2002 8:59 PM
I am going to Kennywood soon, and I would like to know, where is the best/worst places to sit on Phantom's Revenge, Thanks!

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Sunday, July 7, 2002 9:31 PM
I'd have to say the back, but the front is amazing as well. You really feel the wind in your face going into the ravine.
Sunday, July 7, 2002 9:35 PM
My personal fav. is definitely the back, but the front is pretty darn cool too.
Sunday, July 7, 2002 9:58 PM

although the back is amazing, im going to have to go with the front. the veiw going into the ravine is amazing..and the air the whole way down the drop is great too.

but anywhere you sit it will be great, have fun at kennywood. its a great park, my favorite (tied with CP)


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Monday, July 8, 2002 3:54 AM

Although the back seat is nice, I have always found there to be just as much air time in the front seat, and you get that awesome view going down into the ravine!

- Jackrabbit hurts, go Thunderbolt ;)

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Monday, July 8, 2002 6:44 AM
Give me the back seat on PR any day and I'll be one happy camper. You do get good air in the front also, it's just not as violent as it is in the back.
Monday, July 8, 2002 6:52 AM
Back seat definatly, the airtime is so powerful and violent!

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Monday, July 8, 2002 7:35 AM
Violent is the perfect way to describe the back seat. Almost too violent. ;)

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Monday, July 8, 2002 9:18 AM

I perfer the front on PR becasue of the view.That coaster has some of the best airtime I have for jack rabbit it is a great coaster however when you hit that double dip expect massive airtime my legs hit the lap bar and there must have been at least 4 inches between my legs and the lap bar.but I do think thunderbolt is better.

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Monday, July 8, 2002 9:49 AM
There is not a dead seat on that ride! But both the front AND the back are exceptional. I'd have to pick the front as my favorite, though. Awesome view going into the Thunderbolt, and the last bunny hop into the brakes.

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Monday, July 8, 2002 10:00 AM

What lap bar on Jackrabbit? The hand Hold thing? LOL

I prefererred JacckRabbit to Thunderbolt too (love the leather strap) but all of their coasters are amazing.

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Monday, July 8, 2002 11:38 AM

I used to be a "front seat whore" but lately I've developed a real appreciation for back seat rides (ewwwww ;) )

I'm not sure if there is a bad seat on PR, but I enjoy the back of the train.

Add me to the list that thinks Jackrabbit is the best woodie at Kennywood too! :)

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Monday, July 8, 2002 11:42 AM

I agree about the Jack Rabbit thing. That ride has no lap bars at all. Just a seat belt, and it boasts the most airtime I've ever experienced on a woody (the double dip.) Thunderbolt just seems to hurt for me. It's a decent ride but how that coaster got into the top 15 wooden coasters and for that matter #1 a couple of years ago stuns me. Jack Rabbit all the way.

As for Phantoms Revenge. I don't know lol. I'll go to Kennywood next year. We have our California Coaster trip this year.

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Monday, July 8, 2002 11:44 AM
I guess I'm the one who has to hold out for the KW Racer.....the lights, the layout, the hand-slapping, the speed....this in the 20's?...:) Sure, I love the T-Bolt, and I love the JackRabbit, but the Racer for me brought on feelings of nostalgia unlike any coaster other than the original Cyclone...but the *restraints* on JackRabbit are the best out there...."hold on"!

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Monday, July 8, 2002 2:16 PM
I used to be a huge fan of the back seat on PR, and still am, but after I rode in the front seat, I was hooked. The ride blew me away, it was awesome...the air was still very strong, plus the view you get is worth the wait for the front seat. Try both, but you'll be impressed anywhere you sit on PR. A great ride, probably the best ride on any coaster I've ever had in the front seat.
Monday, July 8, 2002 3:17 PM

I like the front a little better than the back, but both ends are fantastic on PR.

Those of you who love the double down on Jackrabbit should try Phoenix at Knobel's. It does what the double down does several times each ride!

Monday, July 8, 2002 3:59 PM
Ride both seats doofus! The back will give you the "violent" air on the 2nd half of the ride (esp the double down) but there's no air on that awesome 2nd hill, whereas there is in the front.

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Monday, July 8, 2002 6:17 PM
front seat. If you get on a second time do the back too. Lots of airtime.

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