Best park for wooden coasters?

What would you consider the best park for wooden coasters? I started thinking about it and I couldn't come up with it Holiday World? Mt. Olympus? Hersheypark? What do you think?

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Silverwood, Hoilday World, Indiana Beach, Kennywood...and Inn Befour Clothes ;)

Holiday World, Silverwood, Kennywood, Knoebel's, and Indiana Beach all spring to mind. Each has at least two wooden coasters that I would consider world class. Mt. Olympus is definitely up there too, though at least in my experience their collection could use a bit of maintenance love.


Holidway World , Silverwood, Knoebels and Kennywood there are many who have one stellar woodie but those are the ones with more than one excellent wooden coasters.

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I didn't get much out of IB other than Cornball (which was excellent) and though I like the Kennywoodies, I've never been in love with any of them. Hershey doesn't even register for me.

Of the parks I've been to, Knoebel's is way on top but I'm making my first trip to HW in 2 weeks. Never been to Mt. O or the Dells and never been to Silverwood.

Also, IBC.

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Just Holiday World. Other parks can be good but not even close. They may be close to HW pre-Voyage, but Voyage is better than most parks or even chains.

First, Holiday World and the street which Mt Olympus is on are so far above any other parks it's not even a contest.

Raven, Legend and Voyage are all SOLID coasters. Voyage being 1 of 2 coasters so far above all other coasters currently operating(at least that I have ridden).

Cyclops, Zues and Hades are easily the second best set of wooden coasters out there. Cyclops and Hades are SOLID as well. I am a big fan of Zeus but I can see why one wouldn't like it. Hades would be the second coaster I speak of that is in a league of its own. Add the fact that Hellcat is within throwing distance of this park and you've got yourself maybe the best collection of wooden coasters anywhere.

The only park I personally think is close to these two parks would be Six Flags St. Louis. I am a big fan of all three coasters they had and had a great time at the park. I can definately understand though, if others dont think as fondly of this parks wooden collection as I do.

Top 5 wood: 1.Hades 2.Voyage 3.Boulder Dash 4.Avalanche 5.Legend
Top 5 Steel: 1.Maverick 2.Fire Dragon 3.Batman 4.Raptor 5.Ice Dragon

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It depends on what really 'rocks your boat'.

If you want relentless, aggressive balls to the wall action, go to Holidayworld.

If you have a love for oldies that may not be hellbent on kicking your butt, go to Kennywood and Hersheypark - especially if you like old lap bars, no silly headrests, etc. (I love the oldies myself...)

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I think that Kings Island is the absolute place for wooden coasters. They have Beast, and the classic Racers.

No, I changed my mind. The REALLY absolute best place to ride wooden coasters has got to be, without a doubt, and everyone else is wrong if they disagree, Camden Park. They have two classic wooden coasters, that are really fun.

No, wait. Hersheypark has got to be better than all the rest, and if you can't see that, then I feel really sorry for you. They have the classic Comet, and two amazing twisty coasters.

No, changed my mind again. You are a sorry excuse for a coaster enthusiast if you don't think that Kennywood has the awesomest wooden coasters on the planet. I mean, come on. ...Racer AND Thunderbolt? No comparison.

You know, I have seemed to change my mind yet again...

And it goes on and on and on.

Even though its repition, I will still say HW, Kennywood, and Knoebels. Yea, and Indiana Beach. I have never been to the Dells, so I cant say about them. Oh, and Lake Compounce; Boulderdash is awesome, at least it was 5 years ago when I rode it.

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Never mind what the best park for wooden coasters is. What I want to know is, what is the best park, period? Anyone? ;)

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Wooden coasters, Holiday World, hands down!

Best park period? Ooooh that's a toughie, Lost =) The most FUN I have had at a park was a draw between HW and Kings Island, but I think it had more to do with the combined effect of company, good selection, and great timing...

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I would have Kennywood, Holiday World, Knoebels and Silverwood on my short list. But has everyone here forgotten Blackpool Pleasure Beach? :)

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I really wasn't impressed with IB's wooden coasters outside of Cornball. Don't get me wrong, tis one of my favorite parks, but I wouldn't consider LoCoSuMo or the big white thing as 'best'.

And who needs Voyage when you have Legend begging for love? ;)

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Adventureland has the Outlaw, Tornado and Underground. ;)

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Martin's right. Best park outside the US for wood for sure, and at least rivalling the best of them. Before Voyage was built, I'd probably argue BPPB had the best collection. But Amanda's budgetary axe has been swinging, and Will has decided HW needed the ultimate wooden coaster expereince on the ;)

Acoustic Viscosity said:
Adventureland has the Outlaw, Tornado and Underground. ;)

That's so true and since Underground is better than Raven and Outlaw is better than Legend, and Tornado is...

You see where I'm going with this? Stop trying to be unique and pay homage to mecca. :P

Best park period: the next park you're going to visit. Followed directly by the park you plan to visit after that ;)

^I like that. This means that the best park is SFSL, which I'll be visiting for the first time on Friday. :)

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