Best Paramount Park?

Tuesday, August 15, 2000 9:46 AM
My favorite Paramount park has got to be Kings Dominion! Ive only been there once but it is realy fun. 3 great woddies , and one kiddie woodie, maybe the best collection. Anaconda, My favorite arrow looper was fun but the climax of teh trip was volcano. Theres nothing like being launched 0-70 streight up and out of a volcano! Other roller caosters/rides I rode were outer limits, avalanch, shockwave, and scream weaver. This was in may and it was 50 degrees so I wasnt able to go on a water ride! The lines were realy short except for volcano, they are as follow:

Volcano: 45-60 min.
Outerlimits: 20 min.
Avalanch: 5 min.
Hurler: 8 min.
scream weaver: 10 min.
grizzly: front 5 min.
Rebel Yell: front 5 min.
shockwave: 25min.
anaconda: 2 min.(went on right after it was fixed)

Sorry if it was kind of a trip report, we were there for only 5 hours because we stoped on our way home from north carolina!
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 9:52 AM
I would have to say PKI. The Beast and Vortex is ehat really puts this park over the top. Put in SOB, Outer Limits, good themed areas, a great water park, a great kids area, and two massive towers, PKI is the best out of a company that isn't quite the best.
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 9:53 AM
Kings Island is the best. They have more rides better rides and better atmosphere. BUT I cant realy say that because I have not been to all the Paramount parks. I based my answer on my knoledge if you were wondering lol.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000 10:23 AM
The best:
1)PCW-Beautiful park! Needs a defining coaster
2)PKI-Not perfect, but some of the best wood in the world.
3)Carrowinds-Will be great one day, needs good wood.

The worst:
1)PGA-Dirty, poorly managed and too expensive.
2)PKD-Low capacity everything and their coasters are not memorable(except Volcano).

Overrall Paramount is my least favorite chain. There's just something missing from their parks. Not much bang for your buck. I really wish Cedar Fair or Kennywood would rescue these parks from Paramount. Paramount doesn't know the first thing about running a park or pleasing customers. And their decision making is bone-headed. How in 2000 can you not have a single steel hypercoaster in ANY of your parks? *** This post was edited by Simcoaster on 8/15/2000. ***
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 10:59 AM
I agree, Paramount is totally clueless. They bought these parks with the sole intention of promoting their products, TV shows and movies, rather than providing a great theme park experience or trying to run the best theme parks in the biz. Paramount parks are strictly just a business to them, and they run them that way, which why none of their decisions make any sense.

That's why I love Busch, their hearts are totally into their parks. With the recognition Busch parks get, it shows. I too wish someone like Busch would buy the Paramount chain and give these parks some much needed TLC. *** This post was edited by Draco on 8/15/2000. ***
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 11:20 AM
I like Pkd its the best!!!!!!
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 11:20 AM
I think PGA! It is no cal's favorite amusment park and the best. It has a much better coaster selection than Marine World and has more than twice as much! The atmispere is cool to with the 80's music in one part and the latest music in another. The food there is good![Pizza from pasta connections] It isn't to expensive if you look for discount coupons. Stelth: Rules! Top Gun : Ruels! Drop Zone: Rules! Greezed Lightning: Rules! plus there is Invertigo, Grizzly [wood] and a stand up Vortex. The swinging inverter ship was one of the first of its kind to. 007 is as best as theater simulation can get. [ they all aren't too good.] The day I was there the only staff problem I noticed were that the ride ops took a long time to check everybody. I geuss that isn't bad at all though because safty is first their now that they have had the bad reccord with people dying. It still is the best park in no cal. Marine World can be better if they get there ride ops and line jumping under control and keep getting great rides. If PGA get a good ride in 2001 like they said they would, it will be the best in more people's eye.


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Tuesday, August 15, 2000 11:32 AM
PKI obviously
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 11:44 AM
Ok Ive come to my conclusion
1. PKI
2. PKD
3. PCW , P Carrowinds
4. PGA

I havent been to all the parks, it realy depends on the person. Everone has different oppinions. Most people think a park is the best because its one of the only ones they go to. Most people on these message boards live in or near ohio and always favor there home park. So all opinions are as different and count as much as the next
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 12:01 PM
PKI was a GREAT park to begin with, so great that Paramount is having a hard time screwing it up(although they have tried hard).
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 7:32 PM
The only Paramount Park I have been to is PCW, and I would have to say it's the worst. The only good rides are the Vortex and the Mighty Canadian Mind Buster. The others are bland. The park is crowded. It's dirty (if you don't beleive me, look at the Vortex queue). It's obvious that Paramount cares the least about this park, because while other parks were getting Stealth, SOB, Super Saturator, etc, what did Wonderland get? Cliffhanger, a poor excuse for a ride which I like to call a whiplash machine, with probably the worst theming I've ever seen. I can't see why the park is crowded all the time. In my opinion, they need a rehab pronto. Maybe the construction going on in the field south of the waterpark is salvation, but I doubt it. C'mon Paramount, get your act together. I know this was long, but I've been wanting to complain for a while about this :)
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 10:08 PM
The only problem I have with PKI is that they lack more flat rides, B&M coasters, and a steel hyper coaster. Other than that I think PKI is the best of the Paramount Parks.


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Wednesday, August 16, 2000 4:36 AM
Well I've been to all but one of the Paramount Park (not PGA, ok well technically I went to Wonderland b4 paramount). Anyway, I think the ranking is
1. PKI
2. PKD
3. PGA
4. Carowinds
5. Wonderland
Thay being said, I liked Carowinds WAY better than PKD (but not PKI). To me, PKD was a waste of time as their best ride was OL:FOF (note when I went V:TBC was not running). Carowinds, while a smallish park with a severe shortage of flat rides, has a GREAT B&M (Top Gun: The Jet Coaster), no headbanging coasters, as well as a free water park. A very good place, off the beaten path to visit =]
Saturday, August 19, 2000 7:54 PM
I have only been to Carowinds, and to me it's the best. I don't go to a theme park based on there number of flat rides, I go for the good stuff. Top Gun being that. The Vortex, while kinda rough in spots, is an awesome stand-up. Thunder Road has gotten extremely rough in the past years, and the Hurler isn't to far behind. Even though it's the smallest of the Paramount Parks, with the rumors for a hyper or a floorless floating around for next year, I think the world will finally know what (or where) Carowinds is.
Sunday, August 20, 2000 9:01 AM
PGA is not that bad, in fact, I like it a lot. Stealth is awesome, Top Gun is a nice B&M inverted that I don't think is a clone, and Greezed Lightnin' is just plain fun. Plus Demon is a smooth Arrow four looper, Invertigo which is always good, and Drop Zone which is a lot of fun too. The park really needs some flat rides. I didn't find it dirty. Just to compare but my home park SFEG is a trash dump compared to PGA. PGA is home to the probably the worst wood coaster in the world, Grizzly.
Parks for 2000: SFEG,IOA,MGM,WDW,PGA,SFMW,SCBB,Lakeside.

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