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Wondering what everybody thinks is the best news, attraction, or display at the IAAPA show?

I think the best news for me is the mention of the new EL LOCO coaster. Its blatantly obvious its going to Indiana Beach.

I think the best display is the Alien Abduction water ride. I love the idea but its so well themed it limits itself on what park it can go into.

I also like the Sally Dark Ride, Forbidden Island.

So whats the opinions of others

Mind you, even a tiny difference, such as that between 0 and 0.000126, can make a world of difference.
Dinner in the Sky!
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Dinner in the sky?

One question about that....why?

The single bench trains they have look interesting, but may make for a ruff ride with 4 wheels right under you.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Finding out what Harry Potter is going to be!
Looking through those videos, and pictures I say the best thing was the Moser Sidewinder ride. That ride looked awesome even though it has a low capacity. That Legoland attraction from Sally looked interesting too. I liked the X^2 car on display.

The alien thing looked really cool, but I don't know what park for buy that for that much money besides the ones out of country. It's just so darn much money for a waterslide complex.

Does anyone think that King Kong attraction from Huss looks lame? *** Edited 11/18/2007 3:29:31 AM UTC by Spinout***

The single bench trains they have look interesting, but may make for a ruff ride with 4 wheels right under you.

They're also offering a trailered version of the train.

Trailered how? Last time PTC trailiered a train, it was a bona fide disaster...!

Now if they co-locate the hitch and the axle, that would actually work...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Dinner in the Sky was certainly one of the most talked about exhibits. And why such a thing you ask? To make money, of course. While taking off in Europe, I'm not sure how it would go in the US, though. They said that people pay the equivilent of 800 dollars to do it. And it's not just about dinner- one could use the platform for anything. (except maybe dancing!) They said it's been used for parties, board meetings and company promotions. They have also hung it near sports stadiums for a birds eye view of the game. They can suspend a platform below it with a grand piano or a band for music. They've installed flat screen TVs onto it. I thought it was fascinating.

Having said that, I went up in it for a demo and was terrified. I'm ok on a thrill ride that dangles you in the air for a few seconds, but the prolonged feeling of being suspended in a chair with nothing below you was a little too much for me.

The Disk-O was probably the most popular ride the day I was there. Zamperla brought several rides to try, and the Disk-O with it's new lighting package looked great. It also went really close to the ceiling at it's highest point, adding to the thrill a bit.

Oh, and that PTC open front car looked like pure hell.

Well PTC does own the rights to the old Morgan trailered trains, Way back when. Morgan retired he sold the right to them. Maybe he used the trailed design to get it right this time.
Morgan retired long after he sold the rights to his wood coaster trains LOL.

FYI :)

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