Best New Ride 2014?

What new ride do you think will receive this years golden ticket award for best new ride?

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The one that's in the park which bought the most Amusement Today ad space?

Too funny! Thinks its rigged?

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Best new ride in 2014? YOUR MOM!

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Sooperdooperlooper, Hersheypark.

Dragon Wagon, of course.

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Or Maverick.

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Since it opened so late in the year last year, Flying Turns will be eligible as well. It's doubtful that Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts will be open long enough to garner enough votes. That's assuming it's even open before votes are due in.

I'm hearing really good things about Helix. But, there's not a high enough percentage of voters who will ride it before voting. And I think most voters, like myself, only vote on rides they've ridden. So, since it's not a weighted poll like Mitch's, parks outside the U.S. are at a big disadvantage in the AT poll. Personally, seeing how the Rocky Mountain Coasters have been loved so far, I think Goliath will get it. That being said, Banshee got quite a bit of exposure through the free media day. So, it could be a close call.

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Really? We're not having this discussion even when the rides are all open and people have been on them enough to have an opinion.

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Closed topic.

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