Best mouse coaster?

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Back in the day, I did not ride mouse coasters. But the past few months, I have gotten to really like them. I don't know much about them but I was wondering in your opinions, who has the best mouse coaster. I can say to date, the most uncomfortable one I have been on is the exterminator at kennywood. Maybe that is because they told us not to wear the seatbelts (not sure why everyone was told that). The one I like the best personally is the one at Hershey Park. Just seeing who would be willing to offer their number one pick.

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Ok...I will bite.

Belive it or not, I think the best mouse coaster is at lake winni. I believe it's called "wild lightning".

I thought is was funny that the day I was there, they shut it down due to lightning later in the day.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Its a subjective question but two of my favorites are kinda one of a kinds.
Idlewilds Mouse, The only Vekoma mouse ever, and Surfside Beach in NJ.

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We had a blast on Doo Wopper at Morey's Pier. My wife liked the Fly at Canada's Wonderland.

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You must have never ridden the Doo Wopper in WW... that thing is most uncomfortable IMO.... maybe it's because they don't recommend it for those over 6'2" and I crammed my 6'5" body in it LOL

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That is the one I am talking about I also loved Flitzer and Rollie Coaster. Actually liked all 3 of those better then Great NorEaster and Great White during the day.

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

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I will choose anything over the Great Nor at morey's anyday. Typical Vekoma head banging as they all tend to do. Although it was much better than mind eraser at six flags america.

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Not even a competition. I love Idlewild's, but Blackpool's wooden mouse is one of my top coasters period, easily in my top-5 wooden coasters.

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IMO Doo Wopper is the worst mouse ever--boring layout and super uncomfortable cars.

Idlewild's mouse is certainly the most original layout in the states. I really liked the Arrow prototype Mad Mouse at the defunct Myrtle Beach Pavilion. The defunct mouse at Vancouver's Playland was really good too.

Kennywood's Exterminator is hard to beat as far as Reverchon/Zamperla models go; although the Steel Peer mouse spinning from station to brake was pretty awesome.

I'm pretty certain Blackpool Pleasure Beach's wooden wild mouse will be my absolute favorite, if all goes well on my upcoming trip to the UK. Gator raves about it and we have pretty much the same tastes in coasters.

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The Myrtle Beach/ValleyFair!/MiA ones are all Arrow "Mad Mouse(s)" ...Mice ;) I'm a big fan of those because of the banked turns.

Spinning definitely added a whole other dimension - pretty big improvement IMO over the standard steel "boring layout" rides...have to wonder if they could be converted to runs spinning cars. Thinking of say, Hershey or BGT or Wild Adventures. Dave? Anyone?

Not really impressed by the (P)CW/(P)KD "enhanced" mice - really don't see it as anything greatly improved over the other plain versions.

edited for Matt: If I only raved about it, then I simply haven't been using strong enough language. ;)

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You made it pretty clear Blackpool's mouse is the best coaster in all of the United Kingdom and one of the best wooden coasters period. :)

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Ive gotta go with the Exterminator, love the effects, the darkness and the crazy spinning. Ive had some rides on that ride that actually managed to make me dizzy (which takes a lot.)

I don't understand all the hate on the Great Nor"easter. I thought it was a decent coaster. I believe I'm in a fairly coaster rich area here having ridden all the coasters at Hershey, Dorney, Great Adventure, Knoebels, and Moreys, so I think I have a fairly decent frame of reference..... I don't understand why teh GN is so bad??

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Mine would have to be Hersheypark's Wild Mouse. When I visited a couple years ago, those cars would just fly through each of the brake sections, taking every turn and hill with crazy speed!


I'm a much bigger fan of the old school Mouse rides. And as long as they are still around, my vote goes to the Wild Chipmunk at Lakeside Park in Denver. This, IMO is Miler at it's best and what a true Wild Mouse experience is all about. Tandem seating, narrow track and very sharp hairpin turns. There are only 4 of these type left in the USA.

For the record, I've ridden the now defunct Ben Schiff mouse that was at Conneaut Lake (my very first mouse ride), and the 2 wooden mice in England (Blackpool and the defunct Frontierland). While I really, really loved those, the speed and flow of the Miler's along with the ending tight spiral puts it at number 1 for me.

I was glad to see the wild Mouse make a comeback in it's newer form in the 90's but nothing beats the narrow little cars on the old ones. They give me more of that over-the-edge sensation.

Dark Knight at Great Adventure, I like the individual lap bars that the older Mack mice don't have and the top half isn't braked too much. And of course the scenery although not much makes it more fun than an outdoor mouse.

Mighty Mouse at Playland in Ocean City, NJ is a close 2nd (moved to Seaside Heights). It's a Miler and until 1999 or so it had no restraints which made it a little scary and I liked the helix at the end.

Any one that's in a park not named Dorney.

That's like asking "What's the best sugar-free dessert?"

RatherGoodBear said:
Any one that's in a park not named Dorney.

Yeah everything about that ride is horrible. From the operating policies of only 2 adults per car, added seatbelts and a horrible loading system (2 sets of gates for each car open but only 1 gate is to board which causes confusion) all of which makes a line right before the station up to a 10 minute wait but it is painful too. Not only are all the brakes on way too much on top but the final brakes cause you to slam into the restraint.

For me, the loading is the worst part. There never seems to be any rhyme or reason. There are 4 rows which the ops direct you into, but they don't load them in order. They'll go something like 2-4-1-4-1-2... meanwhile somebody's standing in row 3 watching people who were well behind them in line get to ride before them. Stupid.

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