Best Day EVER at SFWOA

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ok the specs
X Flight-1
Mind Erasor-1
Big Dipper-about 20
Serial Thriller-0(ha bad bad)
Villian-about 10
Double Loop-1

Thrill Rides
Time Warp
Mr Hydes-2
El Dorado
Shipwreck Falls
Thriller Bees
Scrambler(whatever its called)
Silver Bullet

Pirates (focus the movie...everyone had a headache)
Tiger Island (first time for me)

Penguins for 20 min

OK now the stories of the day LOL
We (Crystal from the show, here sister and her friend) got to the park at lil after 10...

rode rides...DUH....

we all took one of those pictures with the shark and dolphin...I was being eatin by the shark while Crystal was surfing to save me...LOL its the funniest picture ever!

then at 1:30 or so we were on the Life side when Crystal got a phone seems that John Pullum (host of Thrill Rides Put to the Test) was on the road and coming in town...but he wouldnt be at the park today...

but later today after a few rerides on Villian I made everyone go on Double Loop...good thing I did because as we pulled back into the station we heard someone say "Hey Yellow team, Crystal and Peter!" WOW! John came to the park tonight...with his family!!! LOL he wore one of the show shirts!

His daughter who is 7 was so cute...she ran up to Crystal like they were good friends and gave her a hug and asked Crystal to take her on Double Loop. Then she came to me held my hand and asked for me to take her on John, Crystal and I took her (Crystals sis and her friend were around)...The lil girl was so much fun on the ride (I forget her name) soon as we started to move she screamed really loud, then up the hill she kept closing her eyes...but she loved the ride. John bought the onride it was funny looking too

So after some time it was getting late and they wanted to go do some things before the park closed...

On to the Big Dipper hehe
There was actually people in the station each time so we had to get off and run back to the station...we started this at 9:30...when 10 o'clock came...the ride didnt close...It seems that they never received the call to close the we kept riding (without getting off) till 10:20! SWEET!

So as we were leaving the parking one was letting us out and then John pulls up and lets us go...the odds LOL

So that was my day! I loved it...we will be back alot (Crystal and I bought a parking pass today...$20 for each of us for one pass isnt bad)

I have to call John in the morning so we can plan to do something...odds are we will go back to Six Flags this week...probably if your there look for us...Crystal and I will prob be in our Thrill Rides piss yellow shirts and John will be wearing a shirt that was for the orange team!

And we might go back again on Thursday too! (not with John...he goes back to Detroit)

Six Flags three times in one week...Oh my...I already lost my voice...I need to stop singing (screaming) songs on Villian "This is the song that dosent end...." people kept staring and Crystal and I lol I wonder why!!!

Whenever we get together we go nuts LOL...even more so at a park!!!

Wow this trip report rambled alot didnt it?

Oh well

But this was prob one of the best days I ever had at Six Flags WOA

Sounds like an awesome day. They never let anyone stay on the Big Dipper, how did you manage to stay on and roll off the unloading platform? works sometimes
for most of the time they made us get off...but when it hit 10...they let us stay on

but I have done this before

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