Best coaster, relocated or dismantled?

Tuesday, May 2, 2000 2:53 PM
What is the best ride that no longer exists... or has been taken from it's home?
Tuesday, May 2, 2000 4:44 PM
The best relocated coaster I have ridden is the Phoenix at Knoebles. The Phoenix was the first coaster in the current era to be successfully relocated. Knoebles got a lot of naysay about a wooden coaster being relocated but they did it anyway. It has great air and a great long tunnel. It was designed by Herbert Schmeck in 1948. The "Rocket" was originally in San Antonio, Texas and moved to Pennsylvania in 1984-85. Another of Schmecks coasters was also relocated. The Comet at Great Escape. That was moved in 1989 I think. The Phoenix was also my first wooden coaster when I was 9.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2000 6:00 PM
The argument has been settled, the Phoenix!!
Tuesday, May 2, 2000 7:59 PM
Fred Church's Airplane coaster at Rye Playland.
Wednesday, May 3, 2000 10:20 AM
I was rather sad to see the Tidal Wave at SFGAm go to make way for Batman. I like Batman, but I miss the Tidal Wave. I could go to Knott's in Cali for the same experience, but that's a long way to go for a shuttle looper. I especially liked the way the lighting was on the ride. They had blue and white lights that looked like waves on the launch part of the ride and they were turned on and off in sequence which gave the appearance of a wave shooting down the track. Also it was a lap-bar only coaster with a loop which was navigated both forwards and backwards. Yep, I sure do miss that one. Probably not the best dismantled ride, but one of my sentimental favorites.
Wednesday, May 3, 2000 7:45 PM
OK you youngsters... get ready. In 1978, Cedar Point dismantled my favorite. The Jumbo Jet. When I was 10, I just made the 5 foot requirement and rode it 4 times in a row. It wasn't very high, but 55 mph with great banked turns and a 45 degree loop inside the huge figure. Guide to the Point has 4 great pictures of the ride, they are great. Thanks Jeff for "a stroll down amnesia lane!"

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Wednesday, May 3, 2000 8:45 PM
The Bat.

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