Best coaster name ever?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you....

"Velikoluksky Meat-Packing Plant Mountain".


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Best coaster name ever? I always liked both Kumba and Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa. They're both pretty cool sounding names.

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That's not the question he was asking, which I'm pretty sure was rhetorical.

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How do you miss that joke?

Great name and also that ride looks pretty awesome. Is it an intamin?


It looks like Mack is trying to be the new Intamin, without the occasional tragedy or constant breakdowns. If only Mack had the rights to the prefabricated wooden track technology. Hey, Sandor.....

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That looks like blue fire clone to me. And the best name for a coaster is Achterbahn at Skyline Park Germany. That translates to Roller Coaster. I love the creativity that park uses.

Eh, if it's sheer creativity you're after, try Chimelong Paradise:

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Maybe Cedar Point should follow their lead. Let's go ride Corkscrew Loop Coaster, 200 foot Tall Coaster, 400 foot Tall Coaster and Wood Coaster Painted Blue. :-)

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Or Dorney Park's Somethinghawk which for most of it's life was called Coaster.

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Ball crusher for any stand up. Whiplash hawk for any Flying Dutchman. Mind Eraser is pretty fitting for an SLC.

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Ever since Banshee was opened at Kings Island, I've really liked the name and the logo. The name has an interesting history. The theming enhances the name a lot. It's a really great addition to the park.

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I agree. That logo looks amazing, and the station looks really cool. I also don't understand the hate for Banshee's color scheme. People always complain about the pink but I think the colors compliment each other well.

Pink is for girls, silly.

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The colors are awesome for the twisted ice cream cones too.

RCMAC- Aren't Banshees female? So I guess the pink works then!

But then again, what do I know?

I believe that was my point.

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I don't know what criteria makes one name "best" - but I've always loved the simplicity of:


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Please, that's one of the few coasters that actually *does* have the definite article in front of it. THE Beast.


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