Best B&M Looping Model?

I'm just looking for your opinion on what B&M looping coaster model you think is the best. I've only ridden a stand-up and a floorless so I wouldn't know other than I enjoyed the floorless more.

Which model do you prefer out of the ones you have ridden? Do you think that the riding position makes much of a difference as far as ride experience goes?

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I prefer the sit-down, but only if it's Kumba. Inverteds are cool, too.

I like inverts.

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I'm partial to the floorless models but I also enjoy the inverts that I have been on.

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The worst of the inverts (Ice Dragon (?), maybe Great White) are still really, really good rides.

To me, sit-down and floorless are pretty much the same thing...and I'm a big fan of Dominator and Krypton Coaster.

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I was straining my brain for a while to think of a B&M looping coaster that I really liked and then I remembered Scorcher and Riddler. Other than Sheikra which I don't really count, I think I like those better than any of the inverts, floorlesses or sitdowns...weird that I never really thought about that.

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Kumba is indeed a good sit down looper from B&M, though if I am recalling correctly, I've only been on two standard sit down loopers and the other one was Hulk (yuck). The inverts seem to be the most forceful of their loopers, and I like Montu best out of the ones I've ridden. Talon and Raptor are also fun. Floorless B&M coasters seem to run a little "light" to me, but I loved Kraken at SeaWorld in Orlando and Dominator at Kings Dominion.

To be honest, although I've only ridden one B&M hypercoaster (Nitro at SF GrAdv), I would take it over most of their looping fare any day of the week. Don't count out rides because of lack of loops. I would say some, if not all, of the most intense rides on the planet are non-looping in nature.

For one of the most intense inversions though, try a large B&M flyer with a pretzel loop. That inversion type could rip your heart out of your chest figuratively speaking. I've heard Tatsu is sick.

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Talon is my favorite BnM, hands down.

It seems that just about every one of their sit-downs are the same. They are all more or less Kumba. Even when they stray from the Kumba layout, (like SFFT's Superman, for instance,) they still follow a similar progression of elements. I know there are plenty of exceptions to what I just said.

Inverts, however, seem to vary greatly from park to park. (Six Flags parks are the obvious exception.)

Which makes this a tough question for me. I prefer a traditional, seated position on a coaster. It just feels more natural to me than sitting below the track, standing, or riding on the wing. My biggest beef with inverts is that you cannot see anything unless wait extra for the front row. So while I prefer the creativity and uniqueness of inverts, I'm gonna have to go with Sit-downs.

Kumba is still my favorite sit-down, but I haven't ridden it in probably 9-10 years. I hope it is still in good shape, as I want to make it down there sometime soon with my son.

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@bunky666- The only reason that I posted on only loopers is because I already know that B&M hypers are the top rated and probably the best of the models in most peoples' point of view. I was just trying to create a less predictable and more intersting discussion by leaving them out.

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After 21 years Kumba still kicks major ayce!!! The floorless thing is cool in the front row, but doesnt do much for me. Inverts, with the exception of Chinese Fireball, Montu and Black Mamba are very 'meh' to me.

Give me Kumba and the Batman clones all day long.

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Montu is by far my favorite B&M coaster.

I did also really enjoy Kumba and Talon is also a fantastic ride.

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I definitely find that there's a level of aggressiveness to the B&Ms of the 90s that seems to have dropped off over the years. Batman - The Ride, CGA's Flight Deck, Afterburn, Kumba, etc. all seemed to really hit you with forces that don't seem to be as prevalent on newer models. I'm not saying that the more recent rides are bad by any stretch (quite the contrary, actually), but vintage B&M is some great stuff.

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Perhaps it has to do with the technology available to design a smoother more reliable ride.

Some of the older Arrow coasters can be a good bit force full at times.

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Some of the older Arrow coasters can be a good bit force full at times.

That might have something to do with the fact that they were designed by bending coat hangers. They have computer technology for these things now. :)

Well, I guess if head-banging is considered a force, Arrow does have some forceful coasters out there. ;)

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Inverts are, hands-down, the best. Batman: The Ride at SFOT turned me onto them, and I've been addicted since. They're like seeing women naked. Once you've done 'em once, you wanna do 'em all.


The best B & M .. I enjoyed my time riding the Nemesis at Alton Towers as the best of the inverts. I ride the Batman ride at SFGA all the time and miss the Alton Towers verson, the Superman ride at SFGA has one of the best drops I have ever experienced.

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Inverts for me... My favorite style of coaster with many being in my top 10...

Banshee, Raptor, Great Bear, Dueling Dragons, Talon, Silver Bullet... All amazing. My least favorite would be the batman clones and Alpengiest.

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Inverts, for me, are the best, provided that I am riding in the front seat. I am all about visuals when I ride and there are NO visuals on any other seat in an invert. Still, Montu, Talon, and the Batman clones out there are some great rides.

That said, I think floorless are my favorite after the inverts. Kraken is still one of my favorite coasters on the planet. I'm also in the small minority of people that really dig Hydra.

Have not had a chance to ride the wing-rider coasters yet so I cannot give an opinion on those. Maybe this season if I lose enough weight to ride again (-65 lbs so far).

Never rode a stand-up that I liked. Flyers are meh for me. Only regular looper I have ridden was Kumba, and that was all sorts of awesome.

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