Belmont Park Saturday May 13th, 2006!

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…sorry so late...I'm a busy guy!

I went to Belmont Park last Saturday (May 13th) to let my son ride a few kiddie rides. I was visiting my aunt and cousin in San Diego. I caught one trip on the Giant Dipper which was running great. There were a lot of nice laterals and nothing painful to talk about. I still hate those trains…but nothing I can do about it. The ocean-side setting at sunset made this one of the most memorable rides I’ve ever had on this thing. My last few rides over the last 3-5 years were a lot rougher than what this baby is giving now. I can only imagine some TLC has been provided. If you are in the area give it a try. It is no a top ten, but it is not a stinker either.

I did not try any food, but the stuff looked good and greasy. The place was clean and seemed very safe. It seems to be delivering for the target audience as far as I could tell.

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