Bells....out of time

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Or at least exposure in the press to force a resignation. But hey, people always vote for people that don't belong in office.

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^ I don't always agree with a lot of the things said on this site, but Jeff, your last sentence gets my vote for Best. Comment. Ever. Truer words have never been spoken (or written I guess). :)

Ray P.

I'm guessing that the local media has been convinced that this is a story that shouldn't get a lot of press. I'm not one for conspiracy theories but it seems a little odd nothing has been written that seems to oppose what happened. If there's no grounds for a lawsuit, there are certainly reasons for someone to look into this. When a long-time tennant is suddenly evicted in such a sudden manner, that should have raised a few red flags.
Yeah, I think the fair board will eventually get what's coming to them though. When this year's fair has such a massive decrease in attendance (not just from the loss of Bell's, but also from those who were fired for complaining about it), then maybe there will be some sort of investigation.

By the way, contrary to what we've been told, there are no projected uses for Bell's land other than parking. Earlier I was told that some of it would become a new entrance to the fair, and during the fair a tiger show and beer garden would be placed on part of it, but this isn't so. All Bell's will become is a new asphalt parking lot.

Still though, the search for a new location has been narrowed down to 3 locations. I'm thinking they are Sand Springs, Jenks, and possibly Glenpool. The decision between the 3 can't be far off.
That's what makes this whole thing so weird. Bell's was undoubtedly a huge draw, which in turn led to a lot of traffic for the fair. It would have been peculiar if the fair allowed Bell's to leave, but even more peculiar is that Bell's was forced out... all for a parking lot? Like I said, that's weird.
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I really *wish* I could recall what it was that seemed SO out-of-bounds that it appeared to cross, or at least skirt, the bounds of legality. Was it that Bell's was supposed to have more notification of the lease termination? Maybe Bell's had some clause where THEY had right-of-refusal? I honestly don't recall, and don't have the skills to properly research the issue, btu I strongly believe that there was SOMETHING that made me think that a lawsuit was not only likely, but even quite winnable.

Not saying that SuperSteve doesn't have a better recollection of the situation, only that I seem to *remember* the timing of the events, and the general nature of the agreements that were in place, a little differently...

I really hope they relocate just outside the county line. Bells and Libertyland both got screwed over, Now Memphis is trying everything it can go get back what it was stupid enough to not recognize in the first place.
^Yeah, Washington County would be glad to have them. ;)

^^Eh, you may be right. I'm no lawyer, but because of the conflict of interest between the county commissioner and the competing Murphy Bros. Bell's could theoretically call foul play or something. Really though, the biggest angle to get back at the fair board is the impact on tax payers, which is so monumental that they should be run out of town on a log.
You're right Bill, there is something that I think we're all missing here. I remember when things went down, there was definitely something that seemed to walk that line that separates "unfair" and "illegal". Wish I could recall what it was...

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