Bell's coming down piece by piece

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A familiar site is missing from the Tulsa County fairgrounds, most the rides from Bell’s Amusement Park have been dismantled, and many are sitting stacked in a Tulsa warehouse. Most of the kids rides and arcade games are in storage, while some of the bigger rides are still in the park.

Read more from KOTV/Tulsa. See additional photos from user Ajrides.

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Is the darkride with the unprounceable name still going to be trashed?
After doing a little research On Mr. Rick Bjorklund (the CEO of the authority that controls the fairground) It's interesting to note that he has held the same postion at a number of fairgrounds across the country. Also interesting to note is that where ever he goes, the Murphy Bros. soon follow.

Yes, Phantasmagoria will be torn down, but they have plans for a bigger darkride.

Makes one wonder if Bjorklund had dealings in Memphis with the fair board there and Libertyland.

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