(Belated) SFGAm 10-11-03 (Fright Fest)

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The whole group of us got to the park at about 1. When we got into Carousel Plaza this scary hunchback guy kept swooping down on us (He was a puppet Character like Bugs and Daffy). I insisted that we walk around the plaza. I took about 8,000 pictures of the plaza alone. The smoke effect was great! Then suddenly all the creatures in that section disappeared. I realized it was 1 and the carousel people were allowed to leave. We swerved over to the right to check out superstition.

Superstition was great. I love this ride. Although I liked it better when it was 3-D. (It isn't anymore) :-(

After Superstition we headed into Ghost-Town Square. There was a dead Elvis show going on. The Tombtones outfits are so dumb! They used to dress in black and have capes and stuff. But no . . .not this year! They wore white spandex with red strips in some places. And the neck had fluffy white stuff bursting out of it. It looked really dumb. We were gonna ride on Triple Play but it was closed. So we continued walking and we went into southwest territory. We intended to ride viper but the line was about eight years long so we skipped it. We noticed sleepy hollow. We thought about doing that to, but didn't want to pay for it. So the next stop was terror twister.

I'm not allowed to use anyone’s name so let's name them. First of All I'm binks. And I was with S, L, W, And R.

On the way to terror Twister, Marshall killin tried to scare S and she just says, "You know you're kind of hot" He looked confounded for a second and then jogged away. It was Hysterical! Anyway while we were in line for the twister, we went creature spotting, we saw every single character in Southwest except for the drunk bandito (sp?). Then we got on. This is a fun ride! They should keep it like this all the time!

When we got off, we decided to go back to Orleans place, or "Nightmare of Bourbon Street" I thought that this was the coolest area! There were signs on the entrance that said "City Ordinance (sp?) Graveyard closed to Vampire Infestation" and "Please stay out" And on all the shops and restaurants there were crosses and signs that said "Humans only" There were vampire characters everywhere! They had the coolest costumes ever! There were also sliding vampires. They had special kneepads on and when they slid there were sparks and a really annoying sound! And there were also werewolves in this area. This was the best area as far as creature crew goes.

In Orleans we decided to go to superman. The line was as long as it usually is, but today it just felt like it was forever. Anyway I love this ride.

Then comes the interesting part. My first time ever in Necropolis. And it did not start out well. It started with Mr. Nasty. He asked R to take a sip of her blue icee and then spit it out on the ground. He then proceeded to kneel down and lick it up. I was so grossed out I ran away. While I was running one of the living bushes flew out of the trees and screamed. I also screamed and nearly tripped, all the while screaming God%!#$ BUSH! As the trek through Necropolis continued, we ran into the nanny. She was chasing three girls around in circles. It was very interesting. She was screaming things like “What’s the matter? Don’t you wanna play” and stuff. That was entertaining. And then one came the clowns. Near P.T. Scarum’s there were two clowns wandering around. UGH. I hate clowns. They really freaked me out. After that confrontation we were walking up a hill and suddenly a chainsaw started up. It was Jason and he was chasing a group of girls out of the MoT. So we continued to walk up the hill, hoping he wouldn’t follow us. At the top of the hill was the DOA kampground. There were dead dudes everywhere and skeletons in tents. That was amusing. Then there was a character called the torturer who came at S with a sickle. He was about to swing when S asks, “Have you seen the crow” He rolled his eyes; said, “Yes, I’ve seen the crow” and pushed up to the exit path. The first this we saw was the graveyard janitor. He licked the brain on the end of his broom! It was gross. Then I spotted two more living bushed. On was lying on the ground and the other was leaning on a fencepost. The one on the ground tried to scare me. And when he did I just turned and took a pic. Then when I walked past the fencepost one, I smiled, waved, and said hi! He didn’t respond. I wasn’t surprised.

We came out in spooky territory. We saw the logger being refurbished sign and entered county scare. There were stupid evil clowns everywhere! I hate clowns! UGH! But there was one with a megaphone. Some normal person tried to scare him and he took the megaphone and started saying “Oh, look! It’s the scary geek! Everyone Look at Eugene! The Scary Geek!” It was so funny! The guy turned red and ran into Wascals. No one wanted to do anything in County Scare so we went back to the Scareitory. Here, S got a caricature, so we did some waiting. While we were waiting R, W, and I rode River rocker and Ricochet. In the line for Ricochet, we heard everyone talking about Sleepy hollow because that is near the exit. I heard everything from “That was so cheap” to people being so scared they cried! And one person came out screaming! After this we decided to do viper.

In the line for viper there was this really gross guy who kept drooling! (He was a creature) It was really gross! And the yeti from the Scooby doo mystery train also tried to scare people in line. I had a great ride on viper though. 1:3. I love this ride. After viper we decided to go to Rue Le morgue. This was not as good as I thought it was. While you’re on the ride, you don’t even notice the effects! It’s stupid.

After the morgue we decided to try orbit with the strobe light. It didn’t really do anything! I don’t really like this ride, but everyone wanted to do it because of the strobe. While in line we kept seeing fireworks from the Zombie Jamboree so we decided to go see the parade. It was very cool. It started with Mayor Slayer in the fright fest Hearse. I always like seeing mayor slayer. I have memories of him from when I was little! After that was the bugs and Daffy float but it had all the trolls on it! I also love the trolls! They are always good! In ‘01 one chased my mom from the Orleans Bridge to batman! It was hysterical! Then was the Marvin float. Nothing special about that. Then there was a car with some creepy guys in it. After that all the buffy vampires were walking together. Then all of the LAFF characters were on the first trolley. After that was the Frankenstein foghorn float. Also nothing special. Then there were all the scary people from southwest walking. Followed by the Wile. E, coyote float. He looks kind of cool as a wizard. Then there was a car with Sylvester Dressed up as a devil. Behind it was a trolley with the clowns from County Scare on it. One of the clowns jumped off and stole the car form Sylvester’s driver and made her walk! It was funny. After the trolley came tweety’s float. Also nothing special. Then after that was all the show people, like Dead Elvis, the Tombtones, Manny B. Monster, Susan rosan, and the fairy tale people form Yukon. Also there was Dee Dee and Dexter from Dexter’s lab. Then was the Roller coaster float. Bugs, daffy, and pepe were on in. With pepe in the “That’s all folks” Circle.

After the parade we went over to déjà vu. I was so happy because this would be my first time! But when we got to the station it broke down so the ride ops made everyone get out! UGH! I still haven’t ridden it! It closed because it started to get windy and drizzled.

On the way out of the park the red demon that is in the blood pool flopped over, and one of the aliens almost fell on a torch! The wind was that strong!

Oh, yeah, we also saw a LAFF Show! This is the greatest show. I love the music although Devil With a Blue Dress on was Stuck in my head all night because of it!

Thanks for reading!

The haunting has begun! Fright Fest the 13th begins October 11th!

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