Beech Bends Major Expansion announcement

Move too news if you want, I could never submit right!

Good for Dallas and Charlotte, Great people!

A pic of supposed park map after completion

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Meh....not too exciting, but good for the park I guess.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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Does the Lazy River go under the Wave Pool? If so, that's pretty cool.

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Au contraire, c.h., this is very exciting news. Beech Bend is patiently, cleverly working itself up from the ranks of little parks to a medium-sized one. Concentrating on the waterpark attractions is exactly what's warranted. These improvements could significantly grow attendance in the near future, which might someday make it possible to add more 'E' ticket attractions like KR.

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As Ensign Smith posted, What makes the park do well brings about Bigger and better things. Does anybody think Legend, Voyage, Their new Shoot the Shoots would have come about at HW without S&S and its subsiquent expansions?

Chuck, who has three waterparks within two miles of me but Bowling Green KY probably doesn't!

I guess it will be exciting when they add an obscenely long water coaster.

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These look like great additions! I was alsohoping they would announce the removal of the Looping Star...but Iguess we won't get THAT lucky.

I can't picture where this water park expansion will be, though.


I agree that this is a very good move. For those who aren't familiar with Bowling Green, it does have a water park (Russell Sims Aquatic Center) which is run by the city and usually stays pretty packed on summer days. I'm glad that Beech Bend is going after that market, and the additions look like they will surpass those at the Aquatic Center.

Here is a link to Russell Sims Aquatic Center:

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Wow...I go to Bowling Green multiple times a month and have never known about that place until this moment.

Thanks! haha

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No problem, Daniel. I spent 4 years there for college, plus I'm usually there several times a month as well visiting friends. Russell Sims actually isn't that far from Beech Bend, I'd say probably 5 miles or so...

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