Beech Bend Jitter Bug Ride Topples

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Hopefully everyone is okay. The reason I was never a fan of portable rides.

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I didn't even think this was possible.

(Insert funny signature here.)

Did they have the ride heavily weighted on one side?

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It's standard operating procedure to balance even the more permanently installed rides.

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Glad everyone is ok.

HUSS should take notes- this is what toppling looks like.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

Usually what the cause of an incident like this is the center was not properly blocked and leveled. With a kid ride balancing is not quite as critical as with a ride intended for adults, if the ride has been properly set up. The other issue could be ground subsidence,(which has happened a lot more frequently than you would imagine) although from the photos I've seen doesn't appear to be the issue. I used to know the head ride inspector for Kentucky, he told me stories that all you can do is shake your head.....

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