Beech Bend holiday festival

Just caught this. Beech Bend is inaugurating a special holiday event, running from Thanksgiving until January 5:

It features two miles of Christmas light displays, Santa's haywagon, holiday meals, and rides, including Kentucky Rumbler.

Looks like I might have to make a holiday excursion to Bowling Green!

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Does it snow much in Bowling Green? I've always wanted to go to park covered in snow and ride a coaster. :)

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That's kind of what I was picturing. :)

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Average temperature in December for Bowling Green is in the low 40s. Snow is a possibility but not likely.

Looks like my coaster season hasn't ended yet!

If that link doesn't work, try the main page:

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Merry Christmas to me! I'll definitely plan to tap this.

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Here is another example of why I don't understand Holiday World and not staying open until the end of October with a Halloween event.

Halloween has proven to be a great time for parks to pull in guests and generate more revenue.

I have heard the reasons here already of why they don't do it so spare yourselves with that. :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

How about this one, then, Chitown...
Being a privately help company, they are happy with their annual revenue and current rate of growth and don't feel the need to generate more business by doing something new?

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looks like I will be heading down to bowling green later! Yeah.

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Could this be the beginning of Beech Bend's KWinter KFunfest, with a silent K?
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^^^Holiday World does seem like a perfect fit for a Halloween event to me...

I sure hope that this pays off for Beech Bend, but I am left wondering how many people are thinking about amusement parks when there's snow on the ground....if they market it (heavily) more as a Christmas event, it might do well.

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