Beech Bend announces new wood coaster

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Beech Bend's new wood coaster is being built by Great Coasters International, Inc. The coaster’s track length will be 2,827 feet long with a maximum elevation difference of 96 feet. It will feature a record 30 crossovers and will make riders feel weightless a total of 12 times. The coaster’s top speed will be 70 feet per second, almost 50 miles per hour. The coaster’s train will be a 24 passenger Millennium Flyer.

Read the press release from Beech Bend.

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Sounds GREAT!
Good part is they are going to have a name the ride contest with the winner getting 2 season passes and being one of the first to ride the coaster. And with that design we better think up some good names.
2,827/12=airtime every 235.58 feet. Air every few seconds works for me.
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2006 is shaping up to be the "Year of the Bad @ss Wooden Coaster." Lemme re-read that, 30 crossovers? 3 station fly bys? First drop inspired by the Rye Aeroplane coaster?

After riding Thunderhead I can only imagine what GCI has up their sleeves next. I wonder if there will be a tour of the place ala PPP 2004? Man oh man, to live in that area right now...

~Rob Willi

This sounds like a very interesting coaster. Does anyone know if I can find a drawing of the design anywhere? I'm interested to see what it looks like.

Also, I don't know if anyone has noticed, but there's a name the coaster contest mentioned in the press release. I love it when parks do these contests.

I'm assuming since the above description says "the coaster train.." that this will be a one train coaster. Oh well, I managed it just fine last weekend in the Dells..
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I don't think they want me to name the coaster, but I will submit my ideas anyway. They can always use a good laugh.

Between this and HW's new woody it's going to be a SWEET weekend! GCI's are my babies.

We know where almost every coaster geek in America (and beyond) will be the weekend of May 6th......Kentucky and Indiana.

I can't wait!


This is great news for this small park.

After visiting back in 2003, The park has a wide selection of flats for such a small park. Anyone who has ridden the SCAT2 knows what the most intense minute of their life feels like.

With the spinning mouse and now this great GCI design, Beech Bend might finally have joined the bandwagon on small parks making it big. Now, if only they could get out of the cornfields.

Here's a link to a couple of photos that I took of the layout and plans. I'll have more photos of the construction up later.

Have Fun


Hey Swampfoxover

You are correct this will be a one train coaster. The owner of Beech Bend would get everything he can out of the 2800 feet of track rather than having to build a longer brake run.


Beech Bend is nowhere near thew's in the rolling hills of Kentucky.

Have Fun

Paul Drabek

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