Beech Bend 7/21/07

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We were up at my Uncles house for the weekend and we all decided to go up to Beech Bend since it was only an hour and half away from him.

Before we left to Beech Bend I called the park and asked if there were any places to get any discounts instead of paying the 24 dollar regular all day ride pass. They said go to this place called Houchmans or something like that and they would have armbands there and having a group of 9 people we saved 36 dollars which isnt that bad.

So we finally get there and we realize this place is like a permant fair with a GCI coaster. So its a Saturday(havent been to a park on a Saturday since I became an Enthusiast 2 years ago) the place was sort of but not really crowded. So having our tickets we go to the armband tent to get our wristbands and enter.

The first hing that we notice is that everyone is stopped at the front of the park riding all the rides there so we decide to get in line for the Kentucky Rumbler. We got in line right at the end of the first zigzag. One thing I really liked about the line for the Kentucky Rumbler was that you are standing right underneath the track and it was the coolest thing I thought. So we get on after 20 minutes in line. My youngest cousin and I got in the front which had the exact same wait time as the second and third rows so we figured why not. I told everyone in my group to give yourself a little bit of lapbar room for airtime.

For only going 47.7 mph it seems a lot faster. The laterals are great and the airtime is just awsome. The park defiantly has a winner. 10/10 This was my third GCI and second with MFs and defiantly my new favorite wooden coaster.

After that we just started walking the circle rode the Starship 3000, Drop Tower, Dragon (Going up the lift was scary because it felt like you were fall off the side of the ride and the track was not completly even or at least didnt feel like it.2/10)Wild Mouse (pretty decent coaster but we couldnt get the car to spin like other groups did. 6/10), and Super Slide.

We ate lunch at the arcade place, where they had a kid who looked like he was 10 working the prizes. We got in line for the haunted house at 1:30 and my cousin had to leave at 2 for work so he and I left to go ride the Kentucky Rumbler before he had to go. We walked by the Drop Tower and it didnt have a line so we got on, rode and were on our way.

This time the line stretched through all 3 zigzags and the wait took around 30 minutes, so he got to work a little bit late. My Aunt and Uncle left with him and it was my Dad, Sister, and cousins left so we got back in line for the Kentucky Rumbler which only stretched into the first zigzag. Best ride of the day, tons of airtime which really is the selling point on any coaster for me.

The only thing that kind of got on my nerves was on our first ride of the Kentucky Rumbler the ride op put entertainment over efficiency. Which wouldnt have been as bad if they had two trains. He was funny though he got out of the booth one time and said,"Attention everyone we have a first time rider, everyone give her a hand" Also when he said that he was going to run the ride backwards just for this one train he made sure it was ok with everyone on the train and then turned around and sent the train off which was pretty funny. Eventually he was moved to the Wild Mouse but was only allowed to push the buttons to make the ride go. If I was in normal enthusiast mood this would have driven me crazy but I was on vacation with my cousins so I could care less.

I wish I could have gone to Rumblefest last year and ridden this thing all night but I had a good time.

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What about the Looping Star?
Didnt do it because it was down all day.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Rumblefest has been a blast both years. I highly recommend it!

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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Wow I can't believe you missed the Looping Star, the BEST coaster in the park! ;)
Well its the best looper in the park! I'd wink but I dont know how.
Type ; and ) with no space between. Uh oh the secret's out.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
I was there on Sunday and Rumbler was a walk on. Looping Star was back up and you should be glad you didn't ride it- one of the most painful coasters anywhere.
I'd also add the most intense loop you'll find anywhere.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

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