Beech Bend 1st Time & An Alpine Slide 6/27/07

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We arrived at Beech Bend when it opened and were very surprised that it's basically a park built on someones farm.

The first ride we went to was the Crazy Mouse. This was a walk on as was everything at this small park. This was a decent ride that was basically your basic spinning mouse. We spun quite a bit though due to the weight mostly being on one side of the car. Overall 4/10.

Next up we headed to Dragon. This was a fun little kiddie coaster for what it is. The ride is pretty smooth with the only annoying part being the half sideways lift hill. 3/10.

The next ride we headed to was Looping Star. I hate most Pinfari rides cause the cars are too small for a 6'2 guy like myself. The funniest part of this ride was when they pulled down the OTSR then said " Can you get out". That was rather frightning but funny at the same time. I can't believe thats all they do. As for the ride it wasn't as rough as I expected but wasn't smooth either. They're was some slight knee banging but that's all. 4/10

Lastly we hit Kentucky Rumbler. This was the gem of the park. It was flying trough the course and provided alot of airtime, laterals and g's. Another perfect smooth GCI. 9/10.

This was a nice little park sadly I can't choose what's better though Ozark, KR or Thunderhead. Overall 5/10.

After Beech Bend we drove to Kentucky Adventure park about 30 mins outside of Bowling Green for the Alpine Slide. This is very unique since you have to sign a waiver to ride. We took the scentic skyride up and were ready to go after this. After our lesson on how to ride we were off. It was smoother than I expected but absolutely nuts. I almost fell off twice but caught myself.

My friend wasn't so lucky though. He fell off on the first turn and had the burns to prove it. For those who have never ridden one the track is not cement like I thought but instead is plastic so you get some pretty serious burns. Overall 7/10. After we took our friend to get patched up it was off to KI.

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