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Sunday, June 22, 2008 10:58 PM
DantheCoasterman's avatar First let me start by saying, sorry, I didn't take any pictures. I was with 5 of my friends that aren't patient, and wouldn't stop to let me take any cool shots :(

On to the report...

We arrived in Bowling Green at 10:30, stopped at the Houchens Market, and bought discount tickets for our wristbands. Beech Bend is one heck of a deal! The wristbands, which include all rides (excluding go-karts, which are really slow anyway), Splash Lagoon, and Gold Rush Golf are only $24 per person! With discounts, they are only $20! Plus, if a member of your group doesn't want to ride, they only have to pay $10 for general admission, which also includes Splash Lagoon and Gold Rush Golf!

So we got to the park around 11. The parking lot (a field of grass with some scattered tarmac walkways) was beginning to fill quickly, so we weren't too sure about crowds today...

We entered to the gates, turned in our tickets, and got our wristbands. Our first ride was the Zamperla Power Surge. This high-class carnival ride is loads of fun! I never knew you could spin in that many directions at once... Words of advice: ride by yourself in an inside seat. That thing will flip like crazy!

It was already getting hot, so we got on the park's portable log flume. This is one of those traveling models with 2 lifts, a double-dip, and a large drop. Very fun, very wet, and the line moves quickly!

Next was the star attraction...Kentucky Rumbler! The Rumbler is in my Top 5 Wood, and it's definitely a front-seat ride! Though there is a lack of airtime on the first drop, but the speed is killer! The pre-drop pushes you into a highly banked turn, and then a twisted "Rye Airplane" decline! This is followed by many floater hills, twists, turns, and quick transitions; plus, its completely smooth! This is by far GCI's best creation yet, and the line is never longer than 10 minutes!

We progressed to the Moser Spring Ride, which was fun (yet not as good as Holiday World's!!!), and then to the Looping Star. Ugh...I hate this ride. Another large portable, this coaster jars you around like a rag doll. I hate Pinfari... Oh, and don't let the short lines fool you. For some reason, they only load 8 riders at a time, with only 1 train operation.

After some serious begging from my friends, we went to Splash Lagoon. Though very small, this place is still really fun! The pool is relaxing, the children's area has lots to do, and the 3 slides are full of speed and excitement! The lines move very quickly, too!

An hour passed, and we were cool again, so it was time to ride some more.

Next up was Shock Drop. This tower was my favorite ride of the day! Though it may not look very is. I'm not going to say any more, but just prepare yourself...and bring an extra pair of underwear.

We followed the path down to Crazy Mouse, but the line was too long, so we opted to ride the Moby Dick. Another small ride, but this thing packs a punch! It does experience a lot of downtime, though.

Across from Moby Dick is Scat II, the new ride for 2008. If you aren't into spinning, or have a weak stomach, DO NOT get on this! I hated it, and I usually love spin-&-puke rides... At least it looks good ;)

Crazy Mouse still sported a lengthy wait, so we passed again. I have the credit, anyway. It was now about 5:00, and we had done pretty much everything, so all 6 of us went back to the waterpark and relaxed for a while.

When Splash Lagoon closed at 7:00, we had an hour left to ride. We used that time at Rumbler. Lines were non-existent, so we just rode until closing.

Our day at Beech Bend was loads of fun; lines were short, rides were a blast, and prices were great! Thanks to everyone at the park for providing such an awesome day, and we will definitely be back next summer!


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