Because Wiki said so - EXT is the 1st!

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I know a lot of people out there in the coaster world do not consider EXT the first stand-up coaster (even though it was), I think that it is interesting that Wiki has a thought on said topic. ;)

(edited to add winkies so that people know I am joking)

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

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Wikipedia has no thoughts on said topic. Any random person who believes whatever they want to believe, regardless of their credibility, has that thought, and decided to put it in the article. Wikipedia is just a glorified message board.
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How long before this becomes a battle of Wikipedia editing?

Is That the only proof you have. I need more info on the the first stand up. was it the first built, first researched, first designed, or first in operation. Just because you and Wiki says that's true does not make it true. You have no base no nothing besides a article in Wikipedia we need more then just that. So you might be more credible if you get in to it more and give some back drop and not just your opinion.

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Coasterkid, why so hostile? If your so worried about that information than why don't YOU look it up yourself?
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Why is it that you have to assume that Coasterkid is being hostile? Coasterkid is just raising legitimate questions. Hostility would normally be expressed with capitalisation of words or exclamation marks.

Wikipedia is a useful guide, but it is anything but gospel.

The more credible information would be from rcdb.

In regards to "first in opperation" EXT was the first in North America (though that was only for the 1983 season) but Standing & Loop Coaster was the first in the world.
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I'm sorry that I have opened such a can of worms. I, like Jason, had always thought that Standing & Looping Coaster was the first outside the US, and then EXT was the first US (followed by #2 RailBlazer at SFStL). I just discovered this on Wiki today and thought it was humorous (hence the title of the thread).

Sorry did I need more winkie faces? ;) ;) ;)

I've found that at least four winkie faces are needed to get the point across. ;) ;) ;) ;)
You should have known the can you were opening. This is like Creation vs. Evolution in the coaster world! ;)
Neuski - I took your advice and edited my first post with your suggestion. I hope that it is clearer now.

LMAO. ;)

Jason Hammond said:

Wikipedia is a useful guide, but it is anything but gospel....

... on this or any other subject.

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I thought "Because Wiki said so" framed the post as totally tongue-in-cheek to begin with...even if there were NO winkys...or Tinky Winkys... ;)

Me, if I had the chance to go back in time to ride this...meh, I'd give it a credit lap - then I'd park my silly butt in line for Zinger for the remainder of the day... :)

Zinger was an awesome coaster. In fact like your post Bill, I would be in line for that coaster most of the day. AND BOY WAS THERE A LINE. That thing was almost ALWAYS an hour wait if not more.

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Where's King Cobra man!!!?? Or are these standing standing coasters. Stupid Wiki...who let's these clowns rite this stuf?!

Almost forgot: ;)

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^^ LOL, I ditched a couple friends at GAm's S:UF, where they waited and waited for a ride...meanwhile, I spent MY time waiting for just ONE more lap on Whizzer. Easily over a half-hour on a pretty slow day, but I got one more front-seat ride. As long as there's an Anton Speedracer there, it will continue to take up a considerable portion of EVERY trip I make to the Chicago area.

And Eric, even though I am NOT a huge fan of the stand-up gimmick, I still think only two of the B&M crop could compete with KC...Paramount had a 1-in-3 chance of removing the WRONG Togo stand-up coaster...but pulled it off anyway... ;)
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Yup...a neat ride it was. I enjoyed it. Didn't like the restraints much though. But I'm still here to talk about it so what the heck?

"I go out at 3 o' clock for a quart of milk and come home to my son treating his body like an amusement park!" - Estelle Costanza

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